PAIYON P1 Bookshelf Speakers pair audiophile tube amp HiFi sound box passive

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PAIYON P1 Bookshelf Speakers audiophile tube amp HiFi sound box passive Loudspeaker pair
100% Brand New

This price is for a pair of HiFi audio Loudspeaker.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


In order to match this speaker, we specially designed a proprietary metal film tweeter (using vifa diaphragm) for this purpose, coupled with a large magnetic circuit plus short-circuit ring to reduce high-frequency distortion, this monomer high-frequency extension Very good, especially for some ordinary power amplifiers, with a noticeable high frequency boost.
6.5 inch vifa speaker
P1's mid-woofer f uses the original high-quality 6.5-inch paper cone speaker of the Peerless vifa. This speaker has won five-star price in the European HIFI industry. The intermediate frequency is notoriously thick and pure.
Adopting the original woofer unit of Peerless VIFA (Vline trademark), this speaker TYMPHANY has been discontinued. After many efforts, the manufacturer re-sends the production and special improvement according to our requirements, that is to say, this speaker is only available for us to send audio. All other goods are fake, this can be verified to the manufacturer or their general agent in the country [歌美声],
In the design process, P1 got the technical guidance of Danish speaker designer G.stanfer. Mr. G.stanfer worked in many famous international speaker product research and development departments in the early years. He has a unique concept for the design of the speaker, and the style of P1 is also considered to be It incorporates some European humanities concepts. The design of the multi-faceted trimming geometry not only makes the p1 look unobtrusive, but more importantly solves the problem of acoustic diffraction, and makes the p1 more modern and personal.
The pilot hole of P1 is rearward. The position and size of the guide tube are designed after strict design requirements and computer simulation!
Pai special terminal
In order to achieve the lossless transmission of the signal, the 99.99% high-purity oxygen-free copper terminal is directly installed at the cost to the crossover network. The high-purity oxygen-free copper box connection cable is specially made to ensure the signal "0 loss transmission.
Whether the crossover design is reasonable or not directly affects whether the sound connection is smooth. Even if the speaker unit does not have a reasonable crossover design, it can not only let the speakers work in the corresponding frequency range, but instead The distortion of each speaker increases. In order to fully utilize the performance of the speaker unit and avoid the distortion frequency band of the speaker unit, the pi adopts a special frequency division network, which not only makes the high and low sound work more smoothly, but also just avoids the single body distortion and fuses the frequency response. Together, it sounds like a voice! In order to ensure the stability of the crossover network, we use special customized MPT crossover capacitors and high-grade stepless horizontal electrolytic capacitors, high-precision inductors and high-power non-inductive resistors, double-sided FR4 thick copper foil circuit boards,
The complex structure inside the box and the asymmetric support are strengthened. Both the mechanical strength and the box resonance reach the ideal state. The high-density environmental protection sheet of grade 3a is selected. The non-toxic and long-lasting damping is consistent, and the thickness of the density reaches 3cm.

Brand Model:Paiyang Audio
Treble unit:two-way two-unit passive speakers
Mid-woofer unit:VIFA6.5-inch paper cone magnetically shielded speaker
Maximum power: 135W
Sensitivity: 88dB(1W/1M)
Impedance: 8Ω
Frequency response: 55~25000Hz
Recommended driving power: tube amplifier above 12w, transistor machine above 60w
Total harmonic distortion: <0.5% (200-20KHz)
Peak power: 135 watts (rated power 65 watts)
Net weight: 20 kg/pair packing weight: 22 kg
Dimensions: width 200 x height 377 x depth 320mm (including mask and terminal)
Packing size: 590 x width 505 x height 435 million (about 0.12 cubic meters)
The price is for 2 speakers, no cables

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