PAIYON P2C audiophile home theater center speaker hifi audio Peerless vifa

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PAIYON P2C audiophile home theater center speaker hifi audio Peerless vifa
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This price is for a pair of HiFi audio Speakers.


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The center speaker is the most important function in a home theater. Almost all vocal IF parts are played back by the center speaker. Therefore, the center speaker must have high quality to make a theater more harmonious. Let your theater center feel more shock-absorbing. The P2C uses dual mid-bass and a dumbbell-shaped symmetry layout for greater sensitivity, greater high sound pressure levels, and greater dynamic performance. Can better restore the sound field effect of large scenes. Compared with the high-pitched position of the center layout position, the middle-upward arrangement can not only greatly alleviate the influence of the high-pitched sound by the speaker panel diffraction. At the same time taking into account the internationally recognized speaker online test software - Italy, GLI08 system for each pair of speakers after 100% two tests the first test is to assemble two microphones and test the consistency of each speaker at the same time The second time is to test the consistency of each speaker at the same time with two microphones after 48 hours of aging, to ensure that each pair of speakers is qualified and then loaded into a special package and then shipped.

Divider introduction:
The crossover is the heart of a speaker, especially in different systems. Even the same speaker unit will have a trade-off, which fully reflects the personality of a project. Whether the design is reasonable or not directly affects the performance of the speaker. The sounding audio has more than ten years of high-fidelity speaker design experience, and is familiar with what kind of sound Chinese enthusiasts need most. Recently, the Danish speaker design master G.stanfer has been invited to be the company's high-end speaker design consultant. The design of the Chinese-European combination will undoubtedly bring our speaker level to the next level. The P2C crossover network has a third-order Qualcomm section and a low-pass two-stage. The advantage of this is that it effectively suppresses the distortion at the intermediate frequency and the distortion of the treble. The high-level thick FR4 circuit board is used as the crossover line transmission. The input terminal block is directly fixed on the circuit board to ensure no signal bottleneck in signal transmission. It is also cost-effective to use Benn BENNIC's enthusiast capacitor. The characteristic of this capacitor is The detail reduction is outstanding, the high frequency loss is quite low, and the sound details are not lost. The high-precision 1.0-line oxygen-free copper inductor coil and the non-inductive high-power resistor ensure stable and accurate crossover point, and are equipped with custom-grade oxygen-free copper wires. High fidelity signals are unimpeded.

Peak power: 200W
Sensitivity: 90dB
Crossover point: 2.4k
Impedance: 4 ohms
Frequency response: 45-30khz
Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.5% (200 - 20KHz)
Recommended drive power: 60W or more
Net weight: 15 kg
After packing, weight: 18 kg
Dimensions: 670 x Width 210 x Depth 340_ (including mask and binding posts)
Packing size: length 900 x width 550 x height 440_ (about 0.21 cubic)
Packing: Luxury 10CM thickness full pearl cotton "world cover" protection, double thick cardboard box
Speaker type: two-way three-unit dumbbell type S speaker
Treble unit: VIFA XT25TG30 bullet treble
Mid-woofer unit: two custom-grade Peer lessP8308837-inch (diaphragm size 6.5-inch) long-stroke Nomex cone speakers.

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