How To Choose The Right Amplifier Between A Simple Amplifier And


Do you want to buy a good Line Magnetic amplifier for your music system, but still not sure what to consider when buying? The questions we answer will help you decide which Line Magnetic amplifier is right for you. In our comparison, you will also discover the advantages offered by individual devices to score points.

You will find these two technical terms over and over again when you search for an amplifier on the Internet or in regional commerce. The differences between the two versions are large, both in price and functionality, and have also been confirmed in other tests of HiFi Line Magnetic amplifiers.

Sound Line Magnetic amplifier

It contains an electronic circuit that amplifies the audio signals, such as those from a tuner or a CD player, to reproduce them through loudspeakers with significantly higher power and individually adjustable volume. These amplifiers are mainly suitable for connection to domestic music systems, but they are also used by musicians to amplify the sound of musical instruments on stage, for example. We could also simply call this device a music Line Magnetic amplifier. Unlike receivers, it has no optical video connections or network components. This is the case of Line Magnetic 219ia

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These devices are named because they have multichannel amplifiers with at least five sound channels and a subwoofer channel (i.e. 5.1). They are also known as AV receivers because they can decode different surround sound formats and convert them into surround sound. In comparison to a pure music amplifier, with this type of amplifiers you can do more things.

The inputs allow you to connect several different audio and video devices, such as CD players, DVDs or Blu-ray discs, as well as video and even digital cameras. Even the storage media in which audio or video files are stored can be connected to such an amplifier. In addition, the most expensive devices have image processors with which video input signals can be processed and made available to high resolution output devices (keyword "Full HD").

Therefore, they are a very important component of modern home theater systems. These devices are now primarily designed as integrated amplifiers, that is, they include preamps and power Line Magnetic amplifiers.

What type of Line Magnetic amplifier would be right for me?

How To Choose The Right Amplifier Between A Simple Amplifier And The 5.1 Amplifier Both From Line Magnetic?

A basic sound Line Magnetic amplifier device is the right choice for you if you appreciate a good to very good music reproduction. A relatively low TV sound can also do quite well, as most amplification tests confirm. If you don't give much importance to a sophisticated high-tech home theater system, such an amplifier will be enough for you. Advantage: Line Magnetic 219ia is very easy to install and install.

An AV receiver (5.1) is perfect for all moviegoers who regularly watch DVDs or Blu-Ray movies on their flat screen and are interested in a state-of-the-art home theater system. Thanks to the great wealth of multichannel reproduction and bass, feature films in particular are much better mounted, so you will feel like in a movie theater. But such a system also has disadvantages, because it requires several speakers, it is much harder to wire and connect and, of course, more expensive.

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