The Best Sounds Come From Non-elite Amplifiers. Meet The Line Ma


High fidelity has earned the reputation of being an expensive hobby, and, in a way, elitist. And yes, unfortunately it is an image that has been earned. A good part of the manufacturers competing in this market do so by fine-tuning very high-end products that are absolutely unattainable for most fans, who are the ones who really support this hobby.

Fortunately, today in this sector we can also find high quality components at very reasonable prices. And it is that brands like Line Magnetic, NAD, Rotel, Cambridge Audio, Opera, Jelco or Hana, Yaqin, Cayin among many others, show us that with a reasonable economic effort a music fan with an average purchasing power can configure a team of authentic high fidelity.

A very good brand that is growing every day is the Line Magnetic Audio Company, demonstrating that to produce quality sounds do not need to be expensive or elitist brands.

Line Magnetic Audio models are one of the best in the market; they have a variety of specifications and models that leave more than one buyer amazed. There is a Line Magnetic Audio model for each person; you just have to find the one that best suits your needs.

All Line Magnetic Audio models are amplifiers of high quality and durability, which guarantee that they will last over the years and will not disappoint anyone. Most of these sound players are made of pure ceramics, which makes them more durable. In addition to this they have CD readers and USB readers, which guarantee the user that they can always listen to their music regardless of the format that comes.

Line Magnetic Audio

And among all Line Magnetic amplifiers the one that stands out the most is the amplifier Line Magnetic 219IA.

The Line Magnetic 219IA amplifier has a point-to-point manual welding circuit, which gives it an elegant and sophisticated finish, a reason to love this particular model, it also has two output transformers that have a unique high quality end and special high technology quality and wide frequency sound.

The Line Magnetic 219IA amplifier is an amplifier that works with 24 watts per channel and has a modern triode design with which it allows you to reproduce class sounds. This modern amplifier on the market has a stereo that has 845 tubes of output power, which makes it one of the best in the market.

The Line Magnetic 219IA amplifier system has a current cutout knob on the controller tubes and the feed tubes with the current display meter. All this may seem very complicated but it translates into a better sound for your sound device and amplifier.

For all these characteristics, the Line Magnetic 219IA amplifier has become one of the best Chinese amplifiers in the market. This Line Magnetic 219IA amplifier has been tested by a large number of people who have been amazed at the way it plays to reproduce the sound and how it controls the bass and bass of each musical note. So if you are looking for a low-cost amplifier with many features, then you have to buy this amplifier.

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