Retro And Classic Style Returns With Line Magnetic Amplifiers


Amplifiers with a classic look are becoming very popular among users looking for a different aesthetic than the sober lines imposed by the newly created models. A clear example of this trend comes from the hand of Line Magnetic amplifiers with the new range of devices belonging to its line formed in principle by a variety of different equipment, but we have to highlight one in particular that is the Line Magnetic 508IA.

The Line Magnetic amplifier model are one of the best quoted in the entire market of sound amplifiers and players. They are acquired by many people due to their modern features, such as their elegant and sophisticated finish. Their panel full of the latest sound tubes made with German technology.

Also the Line Magnetic amplifier is characterized by remote control and extended warranties, which make them more desired by all the people who buy them. You will also find as part of the Line Magnetic amplifier models a wide variety of horns. Something that other amp models don't have.

Line Magnetic amplifiers are taking the market but above all the Line Magnetic 508IA amplifier who has a DAC system, which means digital-to-analog converter, means that it goes from a pre-amplification to an amplifier.

The Line Magnetic 508IA amplifier is one of the most prominent and one of the most purchased of the Line Magnetic models and this is due to its wide variety of features that attract a large audience.

The Line Magnetic 508IA 845 tube amplifiers is an amplifier that works with 22 watts per channel and has a modern triode design with which it allows you to reproduce class sounds.

Among those characteristics we can name its elegant and sophisticated black panel that attracts more than one buyer to come in such an elegant color and its aspect classic and retro. But people not only acquire this product for its color but also for its characteristics, since it is characterized by a Power amp of 845 high output power tubes and a class A power amplifier.

The Line Magnetic 508IA amplifier has a number of features that will make you love it and you will want to buy it if you do not have one yet. This modern amplifier called Line Magnetic 508IA; you can buy it in specialty stores.

Retro And Classic Style Returns With Line Magnetic Amplifiers

Line Magnetic 508IA is an amplifier for music lovers. By this I mean that, although I could sit with one of my recordings more and marvel at things like the air between performers, the real dynamic and so on, I could also switch to less perfect records and still get the same level of enjoyment.

This is an amplifier that will allow you to play whatever you want without being too fussy or pedantic about your record collection.

While the triode mode lacked the raw power and the blow of Ultra linear, which allows it to sound somehow softer; more silky and relaxing? Obviously there will not be enough power to correctly conduct some types of music such as rock, but other types of music.

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