How Expensive Should Or Can Be A Line Magnetic Amplifier?


In the case of a Line Magnetic amplifier, we are not talking about an amount in euros if we want to determine the price range: It is rather the relationship between the Line Magnetic amplifier and the speaker. In the technical literature and among experts there are different opinions on how the budget of a high fidelity system should be ideally distributed between the Line Magnetic amplifier and the speaker.

We read or hear with particular frequency that around 60 to 70 percent of the total budget for amplifiers and speakers can be planned for the speaker and the rest for the Line Magnetic amplifier. This distribution would ensure an optimal sound experience with which you can be completely satisfied, something that is also clarified in several amplification tests.

However, the empirical rule described above should not be significant and applicable in all cases. If you are planning to buy small high-end speakers, experts say it would be better to give the Line Magnetic amplifier a higher budget. And even for speakers with high electrical requirements, a slightly more expensive Line Magnetic amplifier would be appropriate. These high requirements are, for example, an impedance curve that is already very close to a short circuit and extremely low performance.

Line Magnetic amplifiers are a class of their own and are certainly not among the cheapest offers. But since they offer an excellent price-performance ratio and are not overvalued at all, we would like to mention them here.

From a qualitative point of view, you will hardly find a really better alternative. In the test reports, the different devices obtained excellent marks: often the "good" brand, but in many cases it is also the "very good" brand. The amplifiers are characterized by high-end equipment and can convince in all disciplines, so according to numerous amplifier tests.

There are only a few points of criticism. An amplifier was criticized for having only three high-level inputs, another for having a more precise bass. However, since Line Magnetic Audio has a wide range of amplifiers in its range, it will not be difficult for you to choose a model that perfectly suits your individual needs.

How Expensive Should Or Can Be A Line Magnetic Amplifier?

It also offers music lovers a wide range of Line Magnetic amplifiers of all kinds. Whether they are preamps, integrated amplifiers, stereo network receivers or integrated stereo amplifiers, the devices offer a fantastic and always authentic sound experience.

Buyers confirm that the many different Line Magnetic amplifiers have an unskilled recommendation to buy in virtually all cases. Silent and uncommon criticism doesn't really matter. For example, there is talk of missing a subwoofer output: But if you have seen the product description before, you will know the features of the device and you will not be disappointed.

Tests have shown that you can always rely on Line Magnetic amplifiers. The immense audio power combined with enormous versatility and high fidelity dynamic sound is especially well received by buyers. So nobody should be surprised that these devices have become a fixed element in many high lists.

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