PAIYON P2S HiFi Audio Bookshelf Loudspeakers Full Frequency Passive Speaker Pair

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PAIYON P2S Hifi audio Bookshelf loudspeaker audiophile Passive Speaker pair New
100% Brand New

This price is for a pair of HiFi audio Loudspeaker.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


PAIYON Sp2 and the FocusAudio Signature Series IE series use the same speaker (PEERLESS) and designed by Danish speaker design master G.stanfer!
The mid-woofer unit is equipped with the imported Tymphany > Peerless P830883. This mid-woofer is very good. It is based on Peerless's High Definition Sound (HDS) series, which is a multi-channel speaker system. The main body is made of high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy basin frame, which has high strength and fast heat dissipation. It will not deform under large dynamics. The wide exhaust port can effectively reduce the air pressure effect. The special Nomex paper cone is equipped with a long stroke structure. The diaphragm of this material is relatively high in damping, and the quality is not in the air. The sound of the restoration is precise and delicate without losing fullness and thickness. The low-frequency transient effect is ideal, without dragging the water.
The Pai P2s project is equipped with the original imported Weifa VIFA's famous tweeter XT2S. This tweeter is the new technology of vifa. The vifa is the originator of the bullet treble and has high-quality bullet treble manufacturing technology. This treble combines two new patented M-shaped heatsink patents and central waveguide patents from Dieffenni. It adopts a 4 ohm 2Smm voice coil and is mounted on an iron-oxidized magnet. The rear part of the magnet has a rear cavity to create an extended low-intensity response. The panel is embedded in the wire. The installation wire can be installed in the hole and the most salty echo is installed. effect. XT25 is also a legend in high-pitched sound. It is widely used in many famous boxes (including Shiba). It is familiar to many enthusiasts, famous for its sound, smooth and rounded voice, wide frequency response and high resolution. It is an ideal match for high-quality speakers.

Brand model: Paiyang p2s bookshelf speaker
Speaker type: two-way two-way bookshelf speaker
Treble unit: VIFA XT25TG30 bullet treble
Crossover point: 2.8k
Mid-woofer unit: imported Peer less P830883 6. 5-inch (diaphragm size 6. 5 inch) long-stroke Nomex cone speaker
Rated power: 65W peak power: 125W
Sensitivity: 87.5dB
Impedance: 8 Ω
Frequency response: 48_28000hz
Recommended driving power: more than 20W for the amplifier; 80W for the transistor
Total harmonic distortion: <0.3%X (200 - 20KHz)
Net weight: 18 kg
Gross Weight: 22. 5 kg
P2s Dimensions: width 210X height 360X depth 360mm (including mask and binding posts)
Packing size: length 500 x width 500 x height 480mm (about 0.12 cubic)
The price is 2 speakers, no cable

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