PAIYON Ling-Yun audiophile loudspeaker HiFi tube amplifier Passive Speakers pair

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PAIYON Ling-Yun audiophile loudspeaker HiFi tube amplifier Passive Speakers pair
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This price is for a pair of HiFi audio Loudspeaker.


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High-pitched speaker
The tweeter is a one-inch fiber-optic coated tweeter specially developed for the Peerless P830656.
1-inch tweeter
This treble diaphragm is woven from a very mysterious composite fiber yarn, which is subjected to high temperature dipping treatment, and is subjected to high pressure water washing and then molded by a single mold. This diaphragm has high frequency extension, low distortion, high frequency band without burrs, and silky sensation. The frequency response is very flat from 1.5Khz to 20Khz.
Original imported medium and low unit
Ling Yun is equipped with a 5.25-inch paper cone coated woofer (Peer less 830656), but don't underestimate this small speaker, but it is very popular, using SDS technology, it is said that this technology can be used in small caliber Get a large dynamic high fidelity sound on the unit. After the actual audition and testing, the frequency response is very smooth, the sound is extremely thick and sound-resistant, which can reflect the sticky feeling of the paper cone speaker.
5.25 inch unit
The price of a pair of woofer in the Peerless P830656 paper cone coating is about 180-250 yuan in foreign countries. Lingyun will apply the same operation method as our HIFI No. 4 in our sales, so as not to cost. The principle that profit is only popular is really affordable to civilian enthusiasts. The only purpose is to shape the brand and build popularity!

Model: PAIYON LingYun
Type: Two-way two-unit passive speaker
Treble unit: 1 inch dome
Middle and low bass: 5.25 inch Peer less paper cone
Impedance: 8 Euro
Frequency response: 60-23000hz Sensitivity: 87dB
Weight: 10kg / pair (13kg with packaging)
Withstand power: 100w (rated power 40w)
Remarks: need to connect the amplifier to make sound happened

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