PAIYON Bamboo rhyme hifi bookshelf speakers 5 inch audiophile Passive speaker

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PAIYON Bamboo rhyme hifi bookshelf speakers 5 inch audiophile Passive speaker
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1. The new aristocrats have a high degree of analytical power and layering, and the sound field is clearly positioned. The high frequency is rich and delicate, the intermediate frequency is smooth and transparent, and the low frequency is full and solid. Although it is a small caliber speaker, it is full of volume. The overall sound performance is unparalleled and open, noble and gorgeous. It is worth mentioning that in the state of large dynamic and loud sound pressure, the high resolution is still burr, the low frequency is still clear, the distortion is low, and this excellent quality no matter the playback vocals. It is also a string of silk bamboo, and even a small compilation of symphony operas, etc., have a good performance.
2. Treble
Bamboo rhyme uses VIFA DX25TG tweeter. This treble is also used in many famous boxes such as PR0AC R8, especially some foreign speakers DIYer or related forums are also keen to use, also have very good reputation, showing its impact The power is not the same.
3. Middle bass:
 Bamboo rhyme is made of P830860 from PEELRESS, Denmark. This 5-inch mid-woofer does not have a strong separation of vibration peaks. The cone's paper cone is properly damped, and the vibration energy is very low. It has a good frequency response and the dive is surprising. It is very calm and has a good The details of the music performance.

3. Frequency divider
The crossover design is neither a hard case, nor a door axe and closed door, but with many years of high-fidelity speakers.
Design experience, tailored with high-tech computer simulation design and test software with reference to well-known international brands. In the materials
It is even better, although it is not a stack of fever-grade devices, it will not be crude, and the new aristocratic crossover will be promoted.
FR4 thick material, precision anaerobic pin inductor, ceramic high power resistor, and special A-mark MPT
Film capacitors, good sound resolution! The whole crossover is directly fixed by two pure steel custom binding posts through the rear panel of the cabinet.
This installation process can reduce the interference of the speaker resonance, and can reduce the path of the divider circuit to a suitable length.
Degree, making the transmission of power more direct.

Completely dissect the speakers, so that all value fans can see the speakers more intuitively
The structure of the ministry also expresses the intention of the product on the product, and insists on the insistence on good voice!

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