YARBO OCC-6803F-18RCF Audiophile cable rhodium-plated interconnect cords pair

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YARBO OCC-6803F-18RCF Audiophile cable rhodium-plated interconnect cords pair with 4 RCA connectors
100% Brand New

The price is for a pair of audiophile RCA interconnect cables (2 plugs to 2 plugs).

Other length can be customized, if the length you need is not shown, please contact us to get the price.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


A well-known German brand in the modern audiovisual system engineering and transmission connection industry.
The Yabao headquarters factory has developed and produced high-standard wire rods with different standards in different industries for suppliers in Europe and America. It has more than 30 years of history, and has accumulated experience in the industry. It is also a brand of audiovisual industry in different regions of the world. OEM, ODM professional fever wire, a wide range of products. Yabao adheres to the rigorous style and creative concept of German manufacturing. All the wires are manufactured with advanced equipment, exquisite workmanship, unique design and trial and error to launch the market; and integrate professional experience into every detail, professional focus, fine Sculpted to create a world-class celebrity HI-FI line.
Yarbao products:
It brings together the latest technologies and technologies of advanced factories in different regions of the world. Globalized modern raw material procurement and project management modes have always strictly implemented Yabao professional standards for re-production, assembly, testing and packaging. From here, Yabao The series products have achieved the perfect combination of internationalization and localization, which makes the price of Yabao products more value-for-money, more sound effects, more fresh and pleasant transmission characteristics, and more details. At the same time, it provides customers with tailor-made and unlimited choices. It has become an ideal choice for HI-FI fans and sound engineers all over the world.
Yarbao International:
Emphasis on originality, connotation, fineness and environmental protection, harmonious integration of rich creativity and industry experience with scientific design and structure, continuous development of new materials, new processes, new products, and the pursuit of improving product performance is endless.
The OCC process is a hot die continuous casting process. The biggest difference from the conventional continuous casting is the use of heated molds instead of the traditional water-cooled molds. The inner wall temperature of the mold is kept above the solidification temperature of the cast metal, so that the metal does not solidify and crystallize from the mold wall when solidified, but is solidified in a single direction along the casting direction outside the mold opening. The OCC material is characterized by unidirectional crystal or single crystal structure, low internal segregation, low impurity, and high electronic facsimileness.
Purity and structure
From simple electrolytic copper, to oxygen-free copper OFC, large crystalline oxygen-free copper LCOFC, and today's single-crystal copper OCC, what is the relationship between these materials and wires? We can say that there are three factors that affect the sound performance of the wire, namely material, insulation and cladding, plus the structure of the wire. In the material part, over the years, designers have not put all their efforts into the improvement of material purity and the improvement of crystal structure.
OCC advantage
When the impurities between the copper crystal and the crystal are concentrated, it is a very bad phenomenon. If the crystal is enlarged, the number of crystals is not reduced, the impurities are relatively reduced, and the impurity between the crystals is reduced from the viewpoint of electron transport. The movement of electrons is less hindered, and the arrangement of atoms is more regular. It is very beneficial to the transmission of electronic signals. Then, a crystal of OCC can be as long as more than 100 meters, which is equivalent to using only one crystal for the acoustic wires. Although OCC has many advantages, only a few high-priced products are willing to use OCC, and most of them are still based on OFC materials.
YARBO AUDIOPHILE , The newly-launched OCC series wire is made of OCC pure copper wire. The structure is specially designed and has physical properties such as low capacitance, low inductance, low resistance and low skin effect. The sound performance is very good. The transparency is clear and the purity is amazing, while the bass is not too light, and the volume and balance are also ideal. 100% multi-layer shielding and braided isolation layer is equipped with a powerful filter magnetic ring, which can effectively isolate various foreign noises, plus the assembly of Yabao's new lock RCA plug, and the use of special wiring, not only very It is easy to use and can completely block the slightest noise mixed through the wires, making the music background quiet like space, overtones and detailed reproduction of faxes. It is an ideal choice for high-quality enthusiasts.
Tips: When using OCC single crystal copper series wire, be careful not to bend the wire vigorously, so as to avoid the crystal break affecting the sound effect!

Model: OCC-6803F-18RCF
OD: 10mm
length: 1m
(Special length can be customized, please contact us to get a price.)

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