YARBO PSC-V809MS audiophile cables interconnect cord Sterling silver 3 core pair

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YARBO PSC-V809MS audiophile cables interconnect cord Sterling silver 3 core pair with 4 RCA connectors
100% Brand New

The price is for a pair of audiophile interconnect cables RCA (2 plugs to 2 plugs).

Other length can be customized, if the length you need is not shown, please contact us to get the price.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


The original imported ultra-pure copper surface is plated with 24k thick silver, lockable, superconducting, non-magnetic, new RCA terminals. The center stylus is made of expensive German precision equipment, and the middle part has many convex enhanced floating parts. The unique patented stylus of the point, its signal transmission characteristics are much higher than the other RCA terminals, a very low attenuation. The outer casing is made of special expensive alloy material to ensure that the quality of long-term use will not decrease.
The wire is composed of three core independent reinforced woven structure and special Teflon dielectric. The conductor is made of 99.99999% large crystal sterling silver made in Germany, which can effectively improve the communication speed and sound accuracy. The penetration is strong and the bandwidth is especially excellent. With HI-FI level signal transmission level, it reproduces all the details of music's weakness; it can make your audio equipment sound sweeter, more delicate, more high-frequency and more lively.
The original imported strong card type magnetic ring is assembled at the input end, which can effectively eliminate the interference of various high-frequency electromagnetic waves, and can make the music background pure and noiseless, and restore more mute and details.

Other lengths can be customized, please contact us to get a price.

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