Yarbo GY-9800DC pure Silver cable balanced XLR plug audiophile cords pair 3 core

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Yarbo GY-9800DC pure Silver cable balanced XLR plug audiophile cords pair 3 core with 4 XLR connectors
100% Brand New

The price is for a pair of audiophile interconnect cables XLR (2 plugs to 2 plugs).

Other length can be customized, if the length you need is not shown, please contact us to get the price.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


In the structure of the Cannon (XLR) head, it has a metal or plastic shell with a cassette or a hole for the hook to make the male and female heads do not fall off after bonding; its contacts can be There are two to seven, and Canon (XLR) connectors that are used in general audio equipment are mostly three contacts. The difference between the Cannon head and the RCA head is that the RCA head must be a male, and the seat must be a female seat, but the Cannon joint has a male or female distinction, whether it is the head or the seat. In addition, the so-called head refers to the joint that can be moved on the signal line; the so-called public, that is, the signal contact is rod-shaped, the same reason, the mother means that the contact point is hole-shaped.
Generally speaking, the output end of the signal is a male or a male seat, and the input end is a female or female seat. When installing a balanced amplifier or welding a balanced signal line, it is not inadvertent to avoid the same-sex phase. The environment of reprimanding. In the three contacts of the XLR, the wiring has certain rules and cannot be spliced; you can find that the three contacts on the plug or socket will have the number 1, 2, and 3, and the number 1 must be the ground, so If you are careful enough, you can even find the metal contacts in the No. 1 hole of the XLR female or female seat to be longer than the other No. 2 and No. 3 holes. This means that when the connector is connected, the ground wire will be in contact with the signal first; when disconnected, the ground wire will be separated later than the signal, ensuring that the signal line will not be accidentally touched or destroyed when the signal line is plugged in. 2, 3 feet are connected to the fire and ground respectively, but one must pay special attention; the European regulations (including the sundial) and the US standard system are the opposite, the second foot of the US rules is the fire line, the European and Japanese rules third - The foot is the fire line. If you don't notice this, after the different brands of equipment are matched, the sound coming out of the whole system is reversed. However, this does not have to bear too much heart. Every audio equipment with balanced terminals will specify that the foot is the fire line. The foot is the water line. Just look at the instructions and deduct it. From the signal all the way to the latter stage, but find that the output is reversed, just reverse the speaker cable.

Product Name: Yarbo GY-9800DC
Process: Silver plating
Color classification: the price of finished packaging
Wire category: Balance line
Material: sterling silver
Length: 1 meter
Other lengths can be customized, please contact us to get a price.

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