Shuguang 845B Valve Vacuum Tube Matched Pair For Amplifier Replace 845 845C

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Shuguang 845B Vacuum Tube Matched Pair For Amplifier Replace 845 845C Tubes Red Copper Base New Version
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The price is for a pair of Shuguang 845B vacuum tube


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.

The tube is a tantalum carbide tungsten cathode cathode transistor suitable for audio power amplifiers. Dawning 845B is a combination of the advantages of similar products from world famous factories. It is designed by Shuguang's famous designers, senior technicians, and senior craftsmen. The tube has the following characteristics: the anode is processed by high-purity and thickened titanium graphite, and its plate consumption is 5W higher than that of the original 845, and the heat capacity is larger, which reduces the possibility of the anode venting during operation, and the titanized anode surface It is a gettering material that helps to absorb the trace gases that are placed when the tube is working. The cathode is a neodymium tungsten cathode imported from a famous factory. It has a high emission capacity and can guarantee current consumption and good characteristic curve at large signals. The porcelain parts used for fixing the parts are made of high-purity alumina ceramics, which have low dielectric loss and high dielectric strength, and the distance between the electrode leads is increased in the stem to make the electrodes The leakage between the two becomes very small, so that the noise floor of the tube is almost no. The holder for the fixed anode is made of pure nickel with a bright surface and a very low gas content. The pins are passivated with brass to form a bronze color, which enhances the aesthetic value of the product. As far as the characteristics of the pipe itself is concerned, its musical expression is very good, its ability to distinguish sound is very strong, its permeability is high, its frequency response is fast, its bandwidth is wide, and its power is strong. It is a superior work launched by Dawning in recent years.

845B is made of high-purity graphite surface as an anode, and its power dissipation can reach more than 100W. The cathode material is made of TOSHIBA company's specially customized tantalum tungsten wire, which has strong electron emission capability even if there is a large tube. The signal input, it can also easily withstand, no large-signal output distortion phenomenon, as a high-voltage tube, its design has removed the original 845 mid-mica, to prevent electronic crawling caused by leakage. The most difficult point is to adjust the distance between the anode lead wire and the gate lead wire to more than 35MM, which greatly improves the dielectric strength between the anode and the gate, reduces the dielectric loss of the stem glass, and completely solves the cracking of the stem glass. The possibility of air leakage from the stem. At the same time, the 845BD's in-tube porcelain parts use multiple slotted structures to cut off the leakage circuit between the electrodes. Ensure that the input signal is fully fed into the gate. Ultra-high vacuum exhaust is used for good life and stability. The tube also uses pure copper passivated pins, which is beautiful and has a strong shielding effect on the external electric field. Therefore, the 845B has excellent performance in terms of stability and longevity.




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