Shuguang 812A 812 Hi-end Valve Vacuum Tube Best Matched Pair

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Shuguang 812A Valve Electronic tube best Matched Pair (2pcs)
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The price is for a pair of Shuguang 812A vacuum tube


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The direct heating type thorium tungsten cathode high μ three-stage tube 812 is used for high frequency oscillation power amplification.
Hot wire heating
Uf---------6.3 V
If-----------4 A

Limit rating
Anode voltage ---------------------1250 V
Anode current ---------------------175 mA
Anode Dissipated Power----------------45 W
Gate current----------------------35 mA

The anode is not allowed to have a reddish color during continuous operation, and the anode can only have a reddish color that is just noticeable when working intermittently.
Interelectrode capacitance
Input Capacitor ---------------------5.5 PF
Output Capacitor ---------------------0.77 PF
Cross-channel capacitance --------------------- 5.4 PF

Static parameter
Ua-----------------------------1250 V
-Ug--------------------------30 V
Ia------------------------------30 mA
μ (in Ia=30mA)--------29

A-F power amplification or modulation
Class B amplification, gate excitation
Limit rating
Ua-------------------1250 1500 V
Ia (max.sig)------175 175 mA
Pa--------------------45 65 W
Pa(in) (max.sig)-165 235 W

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