Shuguang 845C Hi-end vacuum tube best matched pair valve tube replace 845 845B

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Shuguang 845C Hi-end vacuum tube best matched pair valve tube (2pcs) replace 845 845B for amplifier
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The price is for a pair of Shuguang 845C Hi-end vacuum tube


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The tube is a carbonized tantalum tungsten cathode cathode transistor and a metal anode, which is suitable for an audio power amplifier. Class 845C is the same as 845B and 845. Due to the limited power dissipation of the anode, its limit rating and static value parameter are 70% of 845B.
The 845C is a long-awaited product of HIFI friends. After nearly 20 trials and improvements, it was finally launched in early December 2004. Her appearance has made the industry shine. First of all, her shape is so beautiful: the slim, slender white anode and the bright black heat sink that spreads the wings are extremely harmonious, which makes people love it. If 845B is a tall and mighty man, and admire the audience with its cleanliness and enthusiasm, then the 845C is a charming and charming woman. Her sweet voice is not losing strength. She carries all the advantages of 845B, except The output power is slightly smaller. After listening to the music performance of the 845C, you must have this sound only to sigh!

The 845C is based on the 845B. The anode is changed to a metal screen anode. In addition to all the advantages of the 845B, the timbre and sound quality of the high-carbon alloy metal material are perfect and unique. Its output power is not inferior to 845B, it will definitely make players love it.

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