Qinpu VF-3.2 MKII tabletop speakers wood finish Chop pair

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Qinpu VF-3.2 speakers loudspeaker Brand new the 2011 latest version
100% Brand New


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.



1 X 1" tweeter,1 X 3 " speaker unit;classic 2 way system. High class MDF board with rosewood finished cabinet. Sound is deep and facile.

Frequency Response: 90Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 86dB
Power: 50Watts
Net weight: 1.4 kg/pcs x2=2.8kg
Gross weight: 3.5 kg/pair
L120mm x D160mm x H190mm x 2pcs

About The Golden Mean VF-3.2 MKII

Although our VF-3.1 speaker have acquired many audiophiles’applause due to its balanced and gentle tone, I have always been thinking about design a new speaker, using 3” speaker unit, to perform more exquisite sound and extend wider frequency.

The development of the desired speaker unit has lasted for about one year and finally I got a satisfying outcome, those are the units that now be used in this new model. The uncommon bullet tweeter with 25mm silk voice coil and neodymium iron boron magnet not only helps to make a more detailed sound but also extend frenquency from 900Hz to 40KHz.
In a bid to improve its efficiency when speaker work with mini amplifier, I adjusted the impedance of mid-low speaker from 8 ohm to 4 ohm. Now everything goes very well.

For speaker cabinet design, except its dimension, I put emphasis on port tube and I made adjustment mainly by hearing it by my ear. I wish the bass effect to be deep and bouncy, which in my opinion is the most acceptable and bearable sound by human ears for a long-term listening. Of course finally I obtained it. But to my amusement, an interesting thing occurred when testing impedance magnitude. There was only the first peak which was generated by the speaker unit shown on the graph but the second peak caused by the port tube didn’t appear as it has been supposed. I felt gloomy at first and soon turned to smile.

Anyway,the sound is simply outstanding! This speaker is excellent in playing vocal and instruments. It provides faithful, detailed, board, soft sound reproduction.

As the same series, VF-3.2 wood finish version continues the name of VF3.2 (the Golden Mean) except that it attaches MKII in order to distinguish these two models. VF-3.2MKII maintains the balance and accuracy of VF-3.2.

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