Qinpu VF-3.3 HiFi speakers loudspeakers pair Chpo 2012 new

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Qinpu VF-3.3 HiFi speakers loudspeakers A pair 2012 newest
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The the Qin Feng Vf3.3 high quality belt treble, at first thought the treble is certainly very bright, who knows of Jie Shangqu feels and VF3.2 of almost even feel a little disappointed when I carefully listening to the familiar Tsai Chin "opportunities" andJune jasmine "after the discovery Unlike the moderation VF3.2, a sense of the sound field was more open than VF3.2 piano overtones a lot of rich, full of a lot of listening to the moonlight Serenade, the pond, the more realistic the sound of frogs callingand natural, as if I am in the pond next to Tsai vocal cords more magnetic. The pondered found this box is the drawing the Qin Feng V1.8 and moderation VF3.2 of the essence, to be belt treble auxiliary, the whole tone and sound field to a higher level, directly raised the desktop HIFI grade. I would like also the design of this speaker's intentions where manufacturers.
It is worth mentioning that the "stingy" tablature manufacturers finally could not stand accused of burning faithful random wire the difference, and this VF3.3 with tablature best lighting horn line, although the price of your points, but think it worth it.
I never could do "affordable" dream, because numerous practice tells me, quality things are creators carved, honed with time and sweat, Wumart is true, and inexpensive must false.

Qin Feng cabinet design
Qin Feng uses a traditional leading cabinet design, different in order to get clean Naiting the sound at the end, and its resonant frequency is adjusted lower, so even with a small power amplifier driver will feel to a clean, soft, dense sound at the end. For a long time will not fatigue, listen to that still adhere to the traditional aesthetic of tablature Desktop HI-FI.

Power ----------------50W
Impedance -------------4Ω
Sensitivity -----------95dB
Speaker unit -----------3"+ ribbon tweeter
harmonic response----------- 50Hz --- 40KHz
Dimensions ---------------- 151 × 128 × 192 (mm) × 2pcs
Net weight ------------------- 1.3Kg * 2 = 2.6KG
Gross weight ------------------- 3.6KG

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