XiangSheng H-06A Tube/transistor hybrid Integrated AMP silver

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XiangSheng H-06A Tube/transistor hybrid amplifiers Integrated Amplifier push-pull
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Parameter :
Maximum output: 2×30W ( 8ohm)
Input Impedance: 100Kohm
Output Impedance: 4ohm 8ohm
Input Sensitivity: 500 to 2000mV
Total Hamonic Distortion: less than 0.1%(1kHz)
Frequeney responses: 20Hz-30KHz±1dB
Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB
Chip: LM1876T
Power tubes: 6J1×2pcs
Power supply voltage: 110/220V 60Hz/50Hz
(100V,110V,120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will
take 7-14 work days to order),
220V version are in stock

Dimensions: 185mm(W)×80mm(H)×270mm(L)
Package size:210mm(W)×118mm(H)×290mm(L)
Net weight:3.5KG
Gross weight: 5KG

Product Description:
◆ The unit provides two signal inputs(AUX line input,CD/DVD input) and two analog audio outputs,consisting of 2 sets of stereo channels and a stereo headphone plug with associated volume control.
◆ There is a source selection switch on front panel you to switch between these two input sources(AUX line input,CD/DVD input).
◆ Brushed aluminum faceplate, with all metal buttons and knobs, plus blue LED indicator light.
◆ R-shape high efficiency transformer. All resistors and capacitors are audiophile grade to ensure sound quality. Key parts are from Germany and Taiwan etc.
◆ AC applied to the filament power supply, maximally reduces noise, improve the timbre and prolong the life of tubes.
◆ Adopting vacuum tubes plus a solid state circuit(6J1 tube are used for preamp section and very famous United State NS amplifier chips LM1876T for output stage). The audio
signal will go through a pair of vacuum tubes first and then the solid state.
You will have the benefits from both worlds —vacuum tube’s warmth and solid state’s speed.
◆ Built-in headphone amplifier: allows you to enjoy music with privacy. Great power, music layers and details.
The engineer especially recommends this amplifier for middle or small listening room.

Product Description:
Xiang sheng of the H-06A the micro ago after gall stone amplifier is positioned Hi-Fi, entry level products, and specifically for the majority of working-the music Shaoyou design a cost-effective products, but also apply to upgrade the multimedia audio equipment. The introduction of the machine designed mainly to provide kit for the early burn a friend, taking into account some friends DIY inconvenience or lack of experience, while providing the assembly of finished machines.
H-06A is the improvements made ​​in the H-02A based on the actual audition feedback after the users throughout the country were given a high quality evaluation, in 2011 the latest
improved version is available now, still retaining a classic appearance, stability, signal to noise ratio, the internal details of the process are greatly improved, and the circuit board to switch to a more beautiful fine blue double-sided.

Product Features:
● 1mm thickness steel plate black spray process box.
● use of 8mm thick aluminum wire drawing process panel.
● metal knob cap.
Blue power indicator tube.
● The power supply uses low magnetic leakage toroidal transformer power supply.
● Taiwan WL or wizard potentiometer volume control.
● The signal input to shield the signal lines.
● Weimar, Germany WIMA red MKP polypropylene to do before and after the stage coupling.
● selected 6J1 tube preamp signal amplification, which is the one next to the beam shot of hot high-gain pentode, the sound is transparent and bright, good sense of the grainy
air, then into a transistor forms of distortion lower, the sense of hearing is better.
● After-class power amplifier selected U.S. companies a good reputation bile taste amplifier chip LM1876T NS company's patent SPIKE instantaneous temperature sudden loss of the
protection circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload protection, and monitoring transistor safe operating area protection function fade in, fade squelch mode.

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