PAIYON P83 Hifi Passive Bookshelf loudspeaker 8 Inch Audiophile Speakers Pair

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PAIYON P83 Hifi Passive Bookshelf loudspeaker 8 Inch Audiophile Speakers Pair
100% Brand New

This price is for a pair of HiFi audio Loudspeaker. (Not include the pins for the speakers)


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


P83 is a high-end 8-inch Three-way bookshelf speaker. Designed to more fully present a wide range of musical content, it produces a rich, full-bodied, captivating sound.
P83 treble adopts a third-order frequency division, the midrange adopts a fourth-order frequency division method, and the excellent frequency division capacitors are independently customized
high-quality low-loss MPT capacitors。in order to ensure low internal resistance, and For higher saturation power, the inductor uses a combination of air-core inductors and iron-core inductors wound with
low resistivity but high temperature enameled wires..
The bass is an 8-inch composite paper special glued basin unit that also uses Y35 aviation-grade magnets and has a linear magnetic circuit design. This unit has low distortion within the linear
displacement, and the design of the cabinet and unit structure assists the overall listening experience with good bass dive, high sound density, high dynamic response speed and excellent sound level.
Titanium skeleton voice coil, specially coated with damping glue, double-layer folding ring imported German diaphragm design with excellent response characteristics, high frequency bandwidth, low harmonic distortion, and excellent dynamic linearity.
The speaker panel is sprayed with black matt paint, and the side and back are designed with veneer sprayed with matt paint. The appearance is fine, steady and solid. Since the "Jingzhe·jiao" is a bookshelf design, the overall speaker layout is tight, which can make the spatial positioning point of the sound thinner and more concentrated. Using the design of post-inversion, the inverter tube is also fully simulated and designed. Effectively expand the low frequency dive, so that the sound has enough low frequency, the whole is full and natural and relatively easy to push.

Frequency response: 48-35000Hz
Impedance: 6 ohms
Sensitivity: 85dB(2.83V/1M)
Frequency division point: 4702.7k
Power: 150 watts (recommended drive 200W-400w)
Net Weight: 26kg x 2
Packages weights: 29 kg x2
Overall dimensions: (W×D×H/cm) of speaker:(300× 380 × 480)mm x 2pcs (with mask and terminal)
Packing size: length 490mm x width 400mm x height 600mm


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