PAIYON P8 passive bookshelf speaker HiFi audio Loudspeaker 8 inch household

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PAIYON P8 passive bookshelf speaker HiFi audio Loudspeaker 8 inch household Pair
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This price is for a pair of HiFi audio Loudspeaker.


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P8 speakers We have fully borrowed from the SEAS unit for development and use the same supplier for the material. The 1-inch aluminum dome unit used for the treble, and the mid-bass use a composite cone unit with a special damping plastic coated in an 8-inch basin. Such collocations can be well-groomed, full-bodied mid-range and without losing the sweetness of details and sound, but also more conducive to promotion. The P8 is a better box to promote, and does not require much power amplifier can have a good expression. Of course, the front-end equipment is better, so his performance will be even better.
P8 uses a traditional retro style. On the exterior of the box, we used a brand new open process of veneer. The texture of the wood grain is better than our traditional speakers. It is not only the appearance of layers on the surface, but also the texture of the veneer. P8 uses a recessed panel to install the dust cover in an embedded installation. This ensures that the dust cover has a good overall feeling and a good overall effect when installed. The dustproof effect is also better. To ensure the front panel duct The soundproofing, in the dust mask of the mesh material has also been specially selected, not only looks good, but also reduces the impact of listening to music on the inverter tube when assembling the net cover, and even played the effect of suppressing the ultra-low frequency distortion.
Since the concave panel produces a diffraction effect in the front cavity, in order to solve the effect of the front cavity, the position of the unit on the panel is fully analyzed by diffraction, and a scheme in which the tweeter is slightly centered and the inverting tube is positioned at the upper middle point is adopted. Sticking sound-absorbing hair sticks on the high-end panel to ease the influence of the panel diffraction, and also get more detailed and smooth details of the sound, sound layering is also more excellent. This process is used in some boxes, such as well-known LS 3/5A series ROCKPORT and many other brands of products are used.
P8's crossover architecture uses treble third-order + bass fourth-order mode, which is more complex than ordinary bookshelf speakers. The use of material is also more targeted, using different materials, capacitance and inductance to complement each other, and achieve more. In order to balance the frequency response and the sense of hearing, we weighed many characteristics, supplemented by a large-diameter adhesive taper unit, with good damping characteristics and low quality, so the sensitivity is high and easy to push.
P8 sound style is a balance of three paragraphs, warm tone, vocal timbre is full and rich without losing detail analysis, and the sweet high-frequency, low-frequency atmosphere is soft, compared to the 6-inch bookshelf speakers, with even more bass , is a high-cost 8-inch bookshelf speaker.

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P8 bookshelf speakers have high sensitivity, loose sound, and easy drive. They can be driven by more than 8W amplifiers and more than 60 watt transistor machines. The quality of amplifiers determines the performance of loudspeakers.
Technical Parameters:
Speaker type: two-frequency front-inverted bookshelf
Tweeter: 26mm large voice coil 1 inch aluminum treble
Middle bass: 8 inch full-glued compound paper basin
Rated power: 80W Peak power: 160W
Frequency response: 34hz-30khz
Impedance: 8r
Frequency division point: 2.9k
Sensitivity: 89db
Dimensions: 460mm x 277mm x 295mm(H*W*D)
Net weight: 25kg/pair
Gross weight: 32kg/pair

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