PAIYON P9 HIFI bookshelf speakers audiophile MOREL TICW 638+ ST1108 unit

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PAIYON P9 HIFI bookshelf speakers audiophile MOREL TICW 638+ST1108 unit
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1.P9 is a 6-inch two-way bookshelf speaker that we are positioning at the high end. The purpose of this box is not to make him pursue the high and low frequency extension and sound field dynamics of the big box, but to pursue the sound quality restored by him, and to better restore the content of various music. It can make a strong and full of fascinating sound.

2.P9 uses the expensive TICW 638ND mid-bass and ST1108 tweeter from Israel's MOREL. The combination of this unit is full of sound and rich in detail level. We also aim at the advantages of this unit. Do a lot of optimization.

3. P9 production We pay attention to the details of each place, our crossover is also targeted materials, and because of the high quality of the speaker, we have fully optimized the crossover structure to minimize the loss of the frequency division. Do not overdo the network. At the same time, the connection inside the speaker, high and low bass, we use different line bases to connect. These selections are models that have been selected after repeated adjustments. Whether it is the crossover material or the speaker cable in the box, we have done a good job.

4.P9 is a high-end bookshelf. We use solid wood composite MDF and paste polymer damping layer to do the box. On the one hand, we pursue the visual and touch texture presented by solid wood, and also pursue the solid wood to be stronger than ordinary MDF. Steely. We do not pursue the maximum rigidity of the box, because the absolute rigidity is also insufficient, that is, his damping will be relatively low, which will make the standing wave in the box and the sound is hard. Therefore, we have adopted the method of composite MDF to make the box. The solid wood box has different textures in which the strength, damping and resonance are inconsistent. Therefore, we have done several tests and optimization adjustments on the solid wood splicing method, solid wood and MDF thickness ratio. In the adjustment of solid wood composite, we spent two years to modify and optimize. In order to reduce the vibration transmission of the speaker's basin, we installed a more damped MDF panel for the speaker's mounting panel, instead of directly using solid wood with poor consistency. These complicated practices are more complicated in the box making process, and the cost is also increased a lot. But as a high-end bookshelf, we think it is necessary. We are like building a musical instrument to create this box. At the same time, in order to reduce the balance of the magnitude and frequency of the standing wave on the distribution of the sound spectrum, we also glued a polymer damping layer inside the box, which means that the standing wave that is difficult to listen is further controlled, and the overall sound is soft and full.

5.P9 adopts the CMC terminal. This terminal uses the thread with finer and finer precision. When connecting, it can be tightly gripped by the wire plug. The contact resistance is low and the hand feel is good. In order to give greater play to the quality of the P9 speaker.

Sensitivity: 85DB
Rated power: 75W
Maximum power: 150W
Resistance: 8 Ω
Frequency response range: 43-25K
Speaker type: two-way two-way inverted phase solid wood speaker
Treble unit: 1 inch silk film treble
Woofer: 6" titanium skeleton 3" large diameter voice coil
Dimensions: height 370 x width 213 x depth 315mm
Net weight: 20kg / pair (about)

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