Master The Wasps Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers tube Amp Loudspeaker household pair

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Master The Wasps Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers tube Amp Loudspeaker household pair
100% Brand New

This price is for a pair of HI-FI audio speakers.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


The-Wasps Bookshelf Speaker Specifications:
Sensitivity: 89dB/mW
Speaker Type: Front
Speaker structure: Bookshelf
Interface Type: RCA Interface
Frequency response: 40HZ-22KHZ
Sensitivity Impedance: 6 OHM
Power: 20-150W
Demension: high 39CM* front width 22.5CM* rear width 199.5CM* deep 30CM
Net weight: 18kg*2
Gross weight: 20kg*2

Master launched a new 2017 new The-Wasps elegant black piano paint According to the acoustic design of the diamond box, with three-dimensional, pleasing.
The tweeter unit adopts Danish gentleman's treasure 9500 silk film tweeter unit. The silk film is characterized by its soft and comfortable sound without a harsh feeling. It has reduced a lot of metallic taste in the case of extremely high analytical power.
German ETON's 7-inch 7-372he coated mid-bass sounds strong but fit like a glove. This is a major feature of ETON's Eton's 7-372he. From the technical parameters in all aspects, the simple sound still has some technical support.
Diamond-shaped box designed according to acoustics is more conducive to the sound
Elegant piano black, highlighting noble temperament
Built-in speaker stand for speaker cable connection
Voice features:
When playing the piano, the particles are full and the density is good. The violin has a texture, resonant cavity, fit like a glove, with a good harmonic. In the fast-paced time, the transient performance is very good, and the speed can keep up with it, deal with it calmly, with strong sense of presence and accurate positioning. Is a cost-effective HI-FI bookshelf.

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