Master The Nightingale Floor standing speakers Loudspeaker pair for HI-FI audio

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Master The Nightingale Floor standing speakers HI-FI audio Loudspeaker pair
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This price is for a pair of HI-FI audio speakers.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


The Nightingale Speaker Specifications:
Frequency response: 40Hz-22kHz
Resistance: 6Ω
Rated power: 20-150w
Sensitivity: 90dB
Volume: 950*109*280(mm)

Speaker features: Three-way three-unit supper sound box is the use of gentleman treasure unit, midrange unit and bass unit is produced in Germany ETON (Eton) 5-888Hexb unit, using large magnets and large voice coil Can withstand large input power. The three-layer composite structure diaphragm with a honeycomb-shaped reinforced grid sandwiched between the middle and the bottom of the diaphragm is light and strong, and it will not be distorted in large dynamics and its performance is particularly excellent. The tweeter adopts a double wrinkle ring diaphragm and a small metal phase cone on the middle axis, which can further improve the high frequency phase characteristics and should be a product in the tweeter unit. The frequency divider is designed rationally, and the components are also selected to be custom-made to the famous factory, which has a positive effect on sound performance and beautification. The design of the cabinet is simple and concise and not fancy. It is a pragmatic style. The real veneer has smooth, soft and delicate seams. The entire design is thoughtful and full of serious style.
Voice performance: The piano it represents can not only moisturize but warm, but it can also be magnificent. The fiddle that it reproduces, besides the gorgeous beauty of the strings and the ethereal sound of the bow, the most exquisite is the dull resonance of the violin and the well-controlled low frequency of the tightness.

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