Master CHAMPION-ONE MKII Monitor Bookshelf Speaker HiFi audio Loudspeaker pair

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Master CHAMPION-ONE MKII Monitor Bookshelf Speaker HiFi audio Loudspeaker pair
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This price is for a pair of HI-FI audio speakers.


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Product description:
The MASTER Ares MKII is a two-way, two-unit inverted bookcase. The woofer is made of 5 inch fabric and a special damping glue. The blueprint is ATC's classic 5-inch bass, with a large magnetic circuit design, but the sensitivity is only 81db.
In order to improve the sensitivity without degrading the sound quality, the NdFeB magnet is ten times higher than the ordinary ferrite magnet in the magnetic circuit design, and the ten-star iron is added to the patented “Five Star Magnetic Circuit”. Boron magnet steel, the magnetic path of strong magnetic force effectively improves the sensitivity, reduces the Q value, and can better match the inverted box. The tweeter uses a 28-core dome-shaped silk diaphragm treble, and the second treble is improved on the basis of T301. The splitter uses a second-order -6db crossover network, and all parts are precision screened. The arc-shaped box body is formed by hot-pressing of polymer composite materials, and the secondary material has good physical properties and damping characteristics. The arc-shaped integrated box can effectively eliminate resonance in standing waves, making the intermediate frequency. thick. The mouth-shaped front panel greatly improves the spread of sound, making the positioning of the human voice more accurate.

Frequency response range: 60Hz-22KHz
Impedance: 8 OHM
Sensitivity: 86dB
Recommended power range: 30-300W
Dimensions: Width: 20.8 Depth: 24.3 Height: 38.2.
Base size: width: 16.5 depth: 18.5 (cm)
Origin: Zhuhai, China

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