Master FOCUS 10 MKII HIFI audio Bookshelf Speakers Amplifier Loudspeaker pair

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Master FOCUS 10 MKII HIFI audio Bookshelf Speakers Amplifier Loudspeaker pair
100% Brand New

This price is for a pair of HI-FI audio speakers. Two colors for choose, red and black.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Zhuhai Special Economic Zone Master(Mizhisheng) Audio Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is an early manufacturer and manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers and speakers. The company's consistent aim is: to use more than 10 years of experience in importing Hi--End audio equipment and understanding of the domestic market. , The introduction of Europe and the United States advanced production technology, imports of key accessories through a convenient channel, with a large number of senior technical personnel sophisticated technology and advanced process management, production of speakers and speakers. The purpose of the sound of the company successfully developed: Monitor series, SUB-1 (patent "China Pipe" active subwoofer), Ares series, Harmony series, focus series, Dream series, overtime series and other HI-FI level audio. Among them, Monitor No. 1 won several awards at the first domestic audio-visual equipment exhibition. The monitor No. 1 (improved) speaker won the title of "Expert Group Appraise" for the 6th Domestic Audio Visual Equipment Exhibition, and the SUB-1 Super Bass was in the first session. And the second was also awarded. The Timeless 2nd speaker won the title of “Expert Group Appraise” for the 6th Domestic Audio Visual Equipment Exhibition. At the 3rd China Domestic Audio Visual Equipment Exhibition, Mars No. 2 won the “Concern Award” and “Consumer's Favorite Product”. No.1 "Famous Appreciation Award" and "Consumer Loved Product". “The Voice of America” brand has established a good reputation both at home and abroad. It can be said that the Voice of Beauty is the domestic sound brand that has become a high-end Hi-End success. The Voice of Beauty company, which has been developed so far, is also a domestic fever audio manufacturer.
The company brings together many domestic professional and technical elites, in-depth research, tracking the world's advanced HI-FI top design theory and technology, such as: First, the new material of neodymium iron boron into the bass speaker unit, balanced phase design, simple low-order Frequency, special asphalt board damping technology, transparent silk sound film high-power treble monomer, serrated box body wall, no capacitor high-pass filter circuit, treble wool felt technology. A number of advanced and patented technologies have been developed and applied in a timely manner in the new generation of speaker and speaker series. This has led the domestic audio industry.
In the test equipment, the sound of the United States not only the United States LAUD computer analysis and test system, but has established a set of world classic, high reputation (and expensive) Danish B & K electroacoustic test system, all of which we are developing a more upscale audio system Strong backing.

Master Focus 10 :
Frequency response: 48Hz-22KHz
Rated impedance: 8 OHMS
Rated sensitivity: 89 dB
Push storage power: 20-100W
Case size: 340*200*285 (mm)
Unit weight: 18KG (a pair)

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