Master LS3/5A Monitor Bookshelf Loudspeakers BBC HIFI audio amp Speakers pair

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Master LS3/5A Monitor Bookshelf Loudspeaker Limited edition BBC HIFI audio speakers pair
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Speaking of the British LS3/5A speakers, experienced enthusiasts praised the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for designing and setting indicators. The small monitor speakers manufactured by several British audio companies are among the most successful and classic speakers. There is hardly any kind of speaker that can cause so much discussion like BBC's LS3/5A, or bring so many myths and misunderstandings. William Johnson, the founder of the famous American tube amp manufacturer Audio Research, once said that "To get the audio system sound well, please start with the analog signal source, followed by the amplifier. As for the speaker, only a pair of LS3/5A. That's enough.” This is not a devaluation of the LS3/5A, but the highest praise for this generation of luminaries. The LS3/5A topic has continued. Some people say that the LS3/5A is like a magic flute in the hands of a piper. It psyches a lot of people with a special, almost hypnotic magic spell, which makes listeners indulge and wrestle with it. What indulges is its richness. The elegant tone is not full of performance.
The name LS3/5A itself is confusing, but in fact it just follows the BBC's device naming convention: the letter before the cabinet name is "CT", the filter is "FL", and the speaker is "LS". Thus the two letters LS are used. The "3" in the name indicates that the product is mainly designed for outdoor use. If it is "5", it means indoor use, such as LS5/9. The original name of the product was LS3/5, and an "A" was added to the name to indicate the first and only change made in the prototype product performance parameters. If there are any changes later, it will be "B" type, but this has not happened yet, and it is unlikely to happen in the future.
A small number of such speakers were produced inside the BBC and used in TV OB vans with satisfactory results. Later, the BBC allowed other manufacturers to apply to produce the LS3/5A under license. On February 19, 1974, Rogers announced a message stating that they will present the latest design of the product at the SONEX'74 audio show held in April of that year. They also provided a photo of the product and tentative technical parameters: power 25W, frequency response 80-20000Hz, deviation ± 3dB; another frequency response 60-20000Hz, deviation ± 4dB. The crossover has a crossover point of 3 kHz, and the pronunciation unit uses a 110mm woofer (using a Bextrene cone with a Plastiflex coating) and a 27mm polyester dome tweeter. This is the world's first pair of LS3/5A. Speaker. The LS3/5A speaker can be said to be a miracle created by the BBC. A pair of speakers can express the music, such as the music, the characteristics, the movements, the difference between the things that are close to each other, the slender and delicate in the subtle. The pearls are full of jade, and the taste is endless; in the vigorous and unrestrained, the experience is full of enthusiasm, and the sound is very loud. Although the sound pressure is not very large, it is not so blind. However, there is no shortage of arrogance, imposingness and surging.
The small speakers have such a performance, how do you feel more demanding? After all, it is Xiaojiabiyu, how can it be compared with the stone? However, this classic product was discontinued due to the suspension of production of the KEF unit. In order to recollect the classics, only the second-hand market was able to collect second-hand LS 3/5A. Some people spent a lot of effort to find LS 3/5A. It may be encountered that it has "internal injury", and it is impossible to repair it, and it is also afraid of damaging its classic flavor. Because the LS 3/5A is in a good condition, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find, and many people have thought of replicating. Zhuhai Beauty Voice Co., Ltd. found the old KEF parts stored in the warehouse and remade LS 3/5A.
Finding the old parts, together with the 100% simulation box, these are the conditions for the beauty sound version LS 3/5A to attract the audio enthusiasts on the surface, but I believe that the sound is still critical for the fatal attraction of the old LS 3/5A fans. . Although I have not heard the genuine LS 3/5A for a long time, the memory of the sound quality is still vivid. Compared with most modern speakers, the LS 3/5A is a amp, but its bandwidth is limited, it can't go up, and the dynamic range is not big enough, but the most fascinating place of LS 3/5A is here. Because it is not high or low, the characteristics of the intermediate frequency are highlighted.
Old sound enthusiasts often say that as long as the intermediate frequency is correct, the sound will not be bad, but also from the LS 3/5A derived famous quotes. The Voice of America version LS 3/5A has the taste of this old LS 3/5A, the same is the fascinating mid-range, and I feel very familiar with it, very classic and old. I listened to the Voice of America LS 3/5A with admiration. It represented the legend of the small speakers of the last century with an incomparable midrange, and also represented the neutrality and gentleness of the British sound. LS 3/5A fascinating mid-range, it is really invincible to listen to the human voice. The atmosphere and taste of listening to jazz female voices are so sympathetic, so charming, the singer's uniqueness is fully demonstrated, except for the girl next door. Sweet and delicate, there are subtle changes between the aria, the throat, and the lips, making this music sound more interesting.
From this, you can also feel the mid-range thickness of the beautiful version of the LS 3/5A, so the sense of hearing is delicate and not thin, soft and not weak. If you want to compare carefully with the old LS 3/5A, the sound quality of the Voice of America LS 3/5A should be slightly clear and transparent, because the new folding ring also reduces the sound dyeing to a certain extent, but it is not enough to affect the sound. Equilibrium, because the perception of local acoustic staining is based on the balance and balance of the various parts of the speaker system. Of course, the string of LS 3/5A's best, the sorrowful cry of listening to the violin, through its deductive portrayal, is particularly impressive. You can feel the excellent layering and positioning of the Voice of America LS 3/5A, and clearly distinguish the context of the accompaniment instrument. In addition, the string sound also urged me to repeat this violin solo record several times, its recording effect is very good, clean, transparent, bright, the sound version LS 3/5A can show the bright string The brilliance, the sweetness of the tenderness, and the excellent sense of balance that a good recording brings, makes one listen to one another.
LS3/5A is the LS3/5A, let me use a phrase from the Southern Song Dynasty great patriotic poet Xin Qiji "Qing Yu ・ Yuan Xi" as a summary of the beautiful sound version of LS 3/5A, "The public search for him thousands of Baidu, suddenly Looking back, the man was in the dim light."

Brand: Master
Sensitivity : 83 decibels (1 watt 1 meter)
Frequency Response : 70 Hz - 20,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)
Low Range : B110 Computer Option Unit
Tweeter : 19mm diameter phase correction unit
Split network: two-wire, BBC FL 6/38, crossover point 3000 Hz;
Speaker box impedance : 11 ohms
Suggested power : 25-80 watts
Sound Box Exterior Decoration : Black and Ebony
Speaker Box Network : Black
Box volume: 304 x 190 x 160mm (height x width x depth)
Origin: Zhuhai, China

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