Qinpu V-5 V5 tabletop speaker loudspeakers wood finish pair

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a pair of Qinpu V-5 hi-fi tabletop speaker wood finish chpo
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the wood stands are not included.


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1 X 2"speaker unit.High class MDF board with real rosewood finish. Excellent middle and low frequency performance.

Electric Performance Index
Frequency Response: 95Hz-18kHz
Impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 87dB
Power: 10Watts
Net weight: 0.8KG/pcs x 2pcs =1.6kg(a pair)
Gross weight: 2.5kg
Dimension: L115mm x D115mm x H155mm x 2pcs

About V-5 “Guan ju”

“Guan! Guan! Cry the fish hawks
On sandbars in the river;
A mild-mannered good girl,
Fine match for the gentleman.”

------------------------from Guan Ju, the Book of Odes

At first, I was afraid that it would be unacceptable by mordern people by my design of too classical style. I carefully, and with little confidence, released my A-1 amplifier. Out of my expectation, a great number of fashionalbe people turned to be my customers and active supporters on forum. The great success of A-1 amplifier pushed me to design a new speaker of more classical style.

In my opinion, features of classical speaker should include conventional acoustical structure, old-time temperament of the out-looking, and perfect handcraft. Actually, V-5 live up to all these standards very well. It has regular cabinet shape, the fine workmanship, as well as precious rosewood finish. All these manifest its pure classical style.

But please pay attention that V-5 is definitely not only outstanding in its outlooking. At the beginning, I planed to adopt transmission-line structure. But during the testing, it produced ideal bass but I was dissatisfied with its lower speed and the background sound seemed to be a little bit in disorder. Later I began to reconsider about using front port. I tried and tried and finally decided to use double ports. And this kind of structure is also used in the famouse big speaker AE100. This structure enables more even bass energy and we then can hear more flexible and compact bass.

To sum it up, V-5 speaker (Guan Ju) boasts a balanced, detailed, soft, and plumpy sound effect.

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