Qinpu Q-3 tube headphone amplifier & Integrated amp hi-end

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Qinpu Q-3 headphone amplifier & Integrated amp 2012 newest
100% Brand New

Very nice on bass, Atreble, medium frequency and bass are full balance. There is a selector switch to choose headphone amplifier Output or Integrated amplifier Output.The headphone or Integrated amp Output don't work at the same time.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.


Wide impedance headphone amplifier
The years, many enthusiasts have been recommended that I developed a headphone amplifier, this finally responded to this appeal, Q-3 organic combination of traditional audio

amplifier and headphone amplifier, complement each other. For high-end headphones, amp circuit selection 60-300 ohms wide resistance matching constant current source output, the
low end of the earplugs can directly access the LINE OUT output.
Quiet and deep
Listen to the wit of desktop HIFI
Desktop warm lighting, looking for a quiet and deep deduced that small body. Own case before the quiet environment quiet heart, all casual ease.

Desktop HIFI audio
Originality, personality, refined, super mini HIFI sound creative ideas has always insisted on the same sheet music; nice, good-looking, easy-to-use design principles will not waver. A friend suggested that the design of some of the popular things, I refused, sheet music have been looking at the the Sound Art height where, spy audio art can not be
lost in popular demand.

Technical parameters of the tablature Q-3

Rated Power ----------------------- 2 x 5W (4ΩRMS 1KHz)
Distortion ------------------------- ≤ 1% (1W)
Frequency response ----------------------- 20Hz - 20KHz (± 1dB)
SNR ------------------------- ≥ 66dB (bandwidth)
Crosstalk attenuation ----------------------- ≥ 35dB (1KHz)
input sensitivity --------------------- ≤ 250mV
input impedance ----------------------- ≥ 20KΩ
Overload source electromotive force --------------- ≥ 10V
Headphone output part:
Maximum no-load output voltage: 4.5V (RMS)
Load impedance range ------------------ 12Ω --- 1000Ω
Power supply voltage ------------------- 220V ± 10% 50Hz 30W
Dimensions ----------------------- 170Χ142Χ115 (mm)
Net weight ----------------------------- 1.64Kg / pcs
Gross weight---------------------------- 2.5kg / pcs

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