Qinpu V-3 V3 tabletop speaker loudspeakers wood finish pair

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a pair of Qinpu V-3 hi-fi tabletop speaker wood finish chpo
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1 X 2"speaker unit.High class MDF board with real rosewood finish. Excellent middle and low frequency performance

Electric Performance Index
Frequency Response: 150Hz-18kHz
Impedance: 4Ω
Sensitivity: 85dB
Power: 8Watts
Net weight: 0.8KG/pcs x 2 pcs =1.6kg
Gross weight: 2.5kg
Dimension: L75mm x D133mm x H155mm x 2pcs

About V-3 “Apperception”

There is no Buddhist tree at all,
And there is bright mirror nor.
Now there is nothing at all,
How could be dust any more?

---------By Huineng,the Sixth Patriarch of Zen Buddhism

It is always good to input some spirit of Zen into life especially for common people who are likely, from time to time, to get in stuck when they pursuing money or an official career.

At such moments, ZEN enables man to hold a calm mood and keep away from anger or depression..

By this way, at first, one can protect his heart.
In addition, the real wisdom can be generated to cope with the hardship.
-----------This is the inspiration of the design of V-3 “Apperception”

Since 2” speaker unit has a nature of crystal clean sound basis, especially the sound performance in its high and middle frequency is so clean that most other speaker units are hard to compete, I put stress on maximizing its middle and low frequency when I tone the speaker. I want to bring out the best density of the sound.

I adopted a transmission-line style cabinet construction, the difficulty of which is to figure out the bandwidth and the length of the the transmission line. It’s hard to control the resonance from the low frequency, but it’s totally another story when I design V-3: I actually nee some resonance on purpose. It’s something like to locate a needle in the sea, we just want to enlarge it to a maximum.

When V-3 is tested at the distance of 60MM, its effective frequency can reach as low as 80HZ. But we still mark it, in compliance with a fromal standard, as 100Hz.
Generally speaking, V-3 has a clean sound effect. And what is more, it also has a plumpy bass and often make listener totally forget it’s only a small speaker with the little 2” speaker unit. It’s really a great mini speaker!
So, similar as MG-2, users do not have to use subwoofer to work with V-3.

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