BADA SP-150 SP150 Hifi power cable wire US plug

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BADA SP-100 Audiophile power cables 1.8m
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The power cord is taking a greater and greater part in audio equipment as a suppliment,whose quality is directly making effects on the
timbre of the equipment.Cords are the conductors in charging of transmission.As there¡¯re sure to have loss in the transmitting process,the
material of the cords is essential to the result of the loss.Good quality power cords can reduce the loss in transmission,and minimize the
interferences from the external environment,making your audio equipment to an excellent performance.
SP-150 power cord is adopting high-quality US style standard power plug,great woking power supply,safe and durable in using.Each branch of
the power cord is constructed by 6 groups wires,and each group is composed by a 0.5 thick wire and thirteen 0.2 thin wires.Each copper wire
is high purity (5N) oxygen-free copper,such structure can ensure the cross-sectional area and surface area of the power cord are larger
(total area of 3.6 mm2), to have good results of uniform current distribution, small frequency signal resistance, which can provide clean
energy for the equipment immediately, and coupled with flame-retardant insulation.The power cord is also covered by a shield material, good
anti-interference and filtering effects, out with clean and smooth music signal. The skin of the power cord has fiber network protection,
exquisite craft, beautiful and practical.

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