BADA SP-100 SP100 Hifi power cable wire US plug

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BADA SP-100 Audiophile power cables 1.8m
100% Brand New

The 9i-606 is a medium power combined amplifier with a warm, mellow tone and good musicality.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.



SP-100 power cord
It has the following characteristics:
1. use 5N high-purity oxygen-free copper, the music signal is more vivid.
2. use three strands optimized combination wires constitute a power cord, wire's insulation uses flame-retardant material.
3. The cross-sectional area and surface area of the wire is large, the internal resistance of the frequency signals are very small, provide clean energy quickly to equipment, so that music signals faithfully restored.
4. The power cord has outer shield, good anti-interference and filtering effects, music signal is smooth and clean. Replay results: The resistance of frequency is particular small, the amount of information of music is particularly rich, overtone of music is faithfully re-apprearance, high-frequency is bright, low-frequency is powerful, you can upgrade the equipment immediately.
The technology of cable is fine, packaging is beautiful, especially suitable for medium and high-end audio equipment.

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