Bada S-8L Silver/SCC Hybrid hi-end audio RCA cables 1 meter pair

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Bada S-8L Silver/SCC Hybrid hi-end audio RCA cables 1 meter pair with silver plating
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a) Using five-star single crystal copper silver craft, trying to make music transfer has a full frequency balance, combined with silver-plated copper , so that high-frequency transmission is smooth , with small phase distortion and weak signals can be clearly restored ,as well as an elegant and smooth music performance .
b) Five-star crystal copper is unique patented technology of BADA .The wire is a star -shaped cross-section , as in the case of consumption of copper , its surface area increases , thus reducing the skin effect of high-frequency.The transmission capacity of high-frequency signals are improved.The treble sounds clear.
c) Wire uses high purity single crystal copper and it consists of a grain of each component , no internal grain boundaries , reducing the loss and distortion of collision signal transmission. The audio signal is unobstructed. Also reduce the interference by the fluctuation in the signal, and the texture of the music is very good .
d) Adopts circular distribution wire , which can offset vibration and electromagnetic interference between wires, but also adds natural cotton between the filler wires to further reduce vibration , so that the audio signal transmission is neat,and has no coloration.

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