Bada purer 3.8MK intergrated amplifier hi-end vacuum tube Hybrid preamp+powe amp

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Bada purer 3.8MK hi-end intergrated amplifier vacuum tube 12AU7 Hybrid
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a) Power output tube uses FET and three pairs of MJD20/MLE20 for parallel output. FET is a voltage-controlled device, but also has negative temperature characteristics.The promote level and temperature compensation circuit can be more concise, signal distortion and loss is small. It is more realistic to replay music.
b) separation between Preamp and Power amp: 3.8MK can be used either as a hybrid amplifier, or a high quality tube preamp or a transistor power amplifier, its convenient multi-function selection helps to increase the fun of playing hi-fi.
c) Tube-transistor design: The preamp adopts the technology of China's Patent "Absolute Linear Audio Amplification" technology, using tube to achieve linear amplification, without relying on negative feedback, thus circuit distortion can be minimized. Circuit Transient Characteristics is quite good in this way, detail and emotion of music can truly replayed.
d) Reasonable structure and circuit distribution: The chassis of device is very solid , heat sinks and panel made of heavy duty aluminum alloy. Firm and stable chassis offers an excellent anti-shock ability, tapered feet of the device further reduces the shock. Design of internal layout is very reasonable, circuit board and transformer is sub-body design, thick iron plate for better isolation. Circuit distributed in the latter part, three power transformers are installed in the front compartment, thus interfering can be separated. Similar with power sub-design makes the music more clear and accurate sound field positioning.
e) Powerful power supply system: Power amp use two big transformer to supply left and right channels, preamp use audiophile R-type and E-type transformer, each part is separately be supplied, reduce the crosstalk, background of music is more quiet.
f) High grade components : Various of high-level components have been equipped, including 12AU7*1 and 12AX7*2 tubes, France Solen coupling capacitors and Germany WIMA MKP10 capacitors, ample timbre ELNA capacitors, Toshiba FET J200/K1529 tubes, high grade oxygen-free copper cable, gold plated RCA input and output terminals.
i)Balance input and remote control advantages: In line with modern design, this is an ideal amplifier for pursuit of Hi-End in all aspects.
j)Switchable design on pre-amp and power-amp, which can be turned to choose the function separately.The machine adopts XLR Balanced Input.

Power Output: Class A 20W+20W (8 ohm),
Class AB 140W+140W (8 ohm)
THD: <=0.06%
Frequency Response: 10Hz-30kHz(-0.5dB)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >=90dB
Size: 430W x 490D x 210H mm
Power supply: 110V(±10%)/220V(±10%) (110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order). 220V version is in stock.
Net Weight: 30kg
Gross Weight:33kg

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