Bada Purer 3.8 SE Hybrid PrePowerIntegrated Amplifier

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Bada Purer 3.8SE Hybrid Integrated Amplifier / Tube Pre-Amp / transistor Power Brand New
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1.Separate Preamp and poweramp:3.8SE can be used either as a hybrid amplifier,or a high quality tube preamp or a transistor power amplifier, a multi-purpose machine to increase the fun of playing hifi.
2.Tube-transistor design: The preamp adopt China's Patent "absolute linear audio amplification" technology,used tube to achieve linear amplification, no need to rely on negative feedback, the distortion of circuit can be very small, so the transient Characteristics of circuit si quite good, detail and emotion of music can restore true. After eight years of research the Bada audiophile circuits, input stage use single op amp, reliable and stable.Current promote use high-power FET and current can be high up to 250mA,enough push force to make the music perfect. Output use three pairs of three high-power tube parallel working in A class. Whole circuit is perfectly designed, it can give full play to the each components,play up the strengths and avoid weakness, play fully on sweet of the tube of, plump of the MOSFET and stronge of the transistors.
3. Reasonable structure and layout: The chassis of machine is very solid , heat sinks and panel made in aluminum alloy, giving the feeling of heavy-weight. Firm and stable case has a good unti-shock performance, and tapered foot of the machine will further effectively reduce the shock. laid a good foundation for Audiophile Voices. Layout inside is very reasonable and beautiful, circuit board and transformer is sub-body designment,use thick iron plate for isolation.Circuit distributed in the latter part, three power transformers are based in the first part, non-interfering. Similar with power sub-design ,make the music more clear, more accurate sound field positioning.
4. Powerful power supply system: Poweramp use two big transformer to supply left and right channels, preamp use audiophile R-type and E-type transformer, each part is separately be supplied, reduce the crosstalk, the background of music is more quiet.
5. Component selection: Purer3.8SE use various of high-level components, including military-grade ultra-small tubes, France Solen and Germany WIMA capacitance, coupling capacitor MKP10, Toshiba FET tube J200/K1529, three high-power tube A1215/C2921, High grade oxygen-free copper input connector and Lotus input terminals.
6. Balance input and remote control functions, in line with modern tastes, is the pursuit to a full range of Hi-end amplifier.


Output power:Class A 80W +80 W (8Ω )
Class AB 130W +130 W (8Ω)
Distortion:≤ 0.6%
Frequency Response:10Hz-35kHz (-1dB)
Signal to noise ratio:≥ 90dB
Supply power voltage:AC110V/220V 60Hz/50Hz (110V version will take 7-14 business days to order)
Gross Weight:41 kg

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