XIANGSHENG DAC-05B 24bit/384K XMOS USB Daul AK4497EQ DSD Hardware Decoder XLR

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XIANGSHENG DAC-05B asynchronous DSD xmos Daul mono AK4495 AK4497 Balanced XLR true DSD Hardware decod

The DAC-05B uses a single transformer and has no display.
The latest DAC-05BII uses Dual toroidal transformer with a sample rate display.

Opened box&Ship to USA only(returned goods checked like new) is ONLY for Vacuum Tube: GE 5670(Made in USA), Single R-core transformer for 05B no Display no Bluetooth, 115V and Operational Amplifier: OPA2134PA *2 + OPA2604AU *1

We upgraded a bigger R-core transformer, so the power is enough and have a nicer sound. The single R-core transformer version is very very good , you can get the R-core version. If you need the Display, you can choose the 05BII.

Since August 28, 2018, Xiangsheng DAC-05B model provides the exclusive paid driver of XMOS official version, XIANGSHENG Audio pay for customization to Thesycon, Germany to get the exclusive paid driver.

Exclusive paid driver support true DSD Hardware decod, Exclusive paid driver is perfect and have a nice sound.

Free version of the drive or Evaluation driver have Disadvantages: Can not support DSD Hardware decod, can only support DOP or every other time there will be a beep.


Xiangsheng DA-05B DSD version DAC has been officially available
1, AKM's chip is one of the few can be directly decode DSD chip
2, AK4495 take into account the high index and listen to the feeling Maximum support 32bit 384K and DSD128.
3, AK4497EQ take into account the high index and listen to the feeling Maximum support 32bit PCM384K and DSD512.
4, AK4495 7V voltage supply, it is better than 5V power supplyon dynamic sound field.
5, AK4495 double MONO mode, non-simple parallel, than the single-chip dynamic large detail level.
6, the real solution to DSD to switch noise and noise.
7, Xmos-Xu208 have double speed of U8.
8, DA-05B USB support Apple phone, Apple mac system free drive.
9, the tube used Russian 6H3n or GE 5670(Made in USA).
10, DA-05B transformer using R-core transformer(Upgrade version) and Toroidal transformer optional. R-core transformer imported Z11 core, with copper shield. Ring transformer for the Chongzhou Hengda Transformer Factory custom high-quality constant transformer, with isolation layer. Are oxygen-free copper wire wound system. No demand is random delivery.
11, DA-05B's USB input also supports Android phones with open OTG function, support DSD64, DSD128! And PCM384K. The AK4497 version supports Android mobile phones to DSD256!
Use the camera kit to support Apple iPhone and Apple Mac system drive-free.

MOS-U208 receive USB, Spdff signal, full IIS input output daul AK4495 decoding
Coaxial output: Available at USB input only
 XLR output: 1 group
RCA output: standard output, 2 kinds of sound to choose to listen
Input jack: Ios (apple) -usb, Pc-usb, coaxial, fiber, Bnc
Support sound format: DSD-Dop, Native DSD, Pcm format (Wav, Wma, APE, Flac, Mp3, etc.)
Maximum support sample rate: Usb in support Pcm to: 24bit / 384K or 32bit / 192K
Usb in supports DSD64 / 128/256
Spdif in support to 24bit / 192K and DSD-Dop64
Op amp: OPA2134PA * 2, OPA2604AU * 1

Dimensions: width 330mm, depth 220mm, height 70mm (without knob, machine feet, connector size)
Frequency response: 20Hz-35KHz
Signal to noise ratio: normal port output: 110dB
Harmonic Distortion: Normal Port Output: <0.001%
Support the following 24bit digital stream
Supports the following sampling frequencies: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4KHz, 192KHz
Output level: balanced output 9V, unbalanced output 2V
Dynamic range: balanced output greater than 120dB, unbalanced output greater than 110dB
Input impedance: AES / 120 ohm, other digital interface / 75 ohms
Line output impedance: 600 ohms
Net weight: 2.5kg
Gross weight: 4kg
Input Power Voltage: AC100V - AC240V (60Hz / 50Hz) (100V, 110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order. 220V version is in stock.

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