Choseal Q820 RCA audio cable Audiophile stereo interconnect hifi

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Choseal Q820 RCA audio cable Audiophile Stereo interconnect hi-fi cables 24K Gold-plated OD13mm

The price $29 USD is for 0.4 meter audio rca cable brand new 100% in original box.
You can choose the other length too.
The price is below, all items are Free Shipping to every country in the world.

0.4 meter(1.31 ft) cost $29 USD
0.5 meter(1.64 ft) cost $30 USD
1 meter(3.28 ft) cost $35 USD
1.5 meters(4.92 ft) cost $40 USD
2 meters(6.56 ft) cost $45 USD


Features: A good RCA audio cable with shielding structure design to link between CD player and amplifer is absolutely necessary.
In a hi-fi audio system, a audiophile seek all the items best, best CD player, best amplifier, and best RCA cable.
Why are the audiophile rca cables important for a hi-end system? You know keep the signal pure and clean is very important, rca audio cable is the bridge to Interconnect CD player and amp.
This Choseal Q820 RCA audio cable is made of 4N OFC, outside diameter is 13mm. There is a high density braid net with shielding structure design cover the Choseal Q820 RCA audio cables to shield the interfering signal, maximize capacity during interference, keep the signal pure and clean. The RCA plugs are made of pure copper with 24K Gold-plate, and it is self-locking, keep well Interconnecting.
The Choseal Q820 stereo rca cable have very good musical function.
Choseal Q820 rca audio cable is very good texture and quality, Wealthy in sentiment.
High frequency is delicate and width, middle range is mellow and rich, the human voice is pure and sweet, Layering is obvious, Bass jumping ability is very good.
Choseal Q820 red and white audio cables are high performance cost ratio RCA cables. it is my best rca cables, my best seller RCA audio cable.
My Sales of total is more than 2000 for Choseal Q820 RCA audio cable.
A good rca cables is worth having, Choseal Q820 dual rca cable is your best choice, it is a real audiophile rca cables, my buyers love it very much.
There are 5 kinds of length for the Choseal Q820 stereo rca cable.
The short rca cables have nicer sound, some of my buyers tell me the cables are shorter the sound is nicer, some long rca cables to choose if you need too.
Don't let it go, just get it!

The package included: 1 set of Choseal Q820 RCA audio cable, 1 Certificate of Conformity, 1 Warranty Card, the original box. Brand new 100%

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