Tone Winner AD-9600SE hifi & AV 5.1 home theater amplifier

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Tone Winner AD-9600SE hifi & AV 5.1 home theater transistor amplifier
100% Brand New

Q: Is there an amplifier not only can be a AV 5.1 home theater amplifier but also can be a hifi stereo amplifier?
A: Yes, there is. Just is one, get it!!!


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.



● increase the power supply filter capacitor MARCON 8 pcs of 150,000 microfarads, fully guaranteed source of power;
● audio channel audio filter capacitor using the famous tonic ELNA audio dedicated to improve the sound quality;
● High-speed low-noise op amp upgrade for the MC33078, and details so that the transient sound richer, more tone color;
● 24K gold-plated input jacks, and high fever connect to raise the overall quality of the input signal;
● refined aluminum remote control, touch and visual art;
● the main channel, the center / surround output terminal blocks used in all high-quality 24K gold-plated binding posts;
● re-integration of machine technology, so that the static noise up to the lonely ghost, art and technology to achieve a higher level;
● The channel is completely independent, all-aluminum chassis, radiator exposed, always show the rich, the typical HI-FI fever generous;
● Built-in professional professional CS49326 and CS2516 decoder chip, well done AC-3 and DTS double decoding, and DTS CD 24bit/96KHz PCM decoding, both high-quality Hi-Fi and high-quality 5.1-channel home theater good effect;

Output power: 120W × 5 (8Ω), 200W × 5 (4Ω)

Frequency response: 10Hz-70kHz (+ /-0.5dB)

Total harmonic distortion: <0.05%

SNR:> 95dB (A weighted)

Measured static power consumption: 170W

Dimension: 430mm x 195mm x 450mm

Net weight: 24kg

Gross weight: 25kg

Power supply: 110/220V (110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work
days to order),
220V version is in stock.

As we all know, the traditional AV amplifier, especially imports of Japanese VA amplifier, due to channel more complex circuits, because of cost control, will make compromises in circuit design, can never be selected similar to the two-channel hi-fi amplifier HI-FI enthusiast circuit, and never could choose the acknowledged quality audio sound good tonic components, but not completely independent of each channel to circuit design. The 9600SE is unambiguously part of the circuit to meet the above three points can not be transplanted in the seventh exhibition of domestic audio-visual equipment to obtain a group of experts praise the HI-FI Liangji AD-90/90D circuit , from the basic part of this to an AV amplifier circuit of high-fidelity performance for effective integration of:
the AD-9600SE of the center and surround sound amplifier circuit diagram, circuit diagram can be seen from the taste of its HI-FI is very strong, non-general AV amplifier circuit can be compared!
the main channel AD-9600SE amplifier circuit, the circuit is a circuit of the classic HI-FI circuit, the use of materials is quite HI-FI classic material. Contains a large number of hi-fi elements!
Board from 9600SE amplifier schematic diagram analysis shows that: It's small-signal input stage with a typical low-noise differential amplifier circuit of the tube and mirror differential two voltage amplifier, and multi-level constant current source. This circuit in the high-end HI-FI amplifier has a high reputation, it has the advantage of dynamic, driven and strong, high slew rate, low harmonic distortion and phase distortion; direct reflection of the low-noise, linear and high frequency response is good. And then amplified through the two current expansion of the input to the amplifier output stage power amplifier. The author noted that the amplifier Ng a channel amplifier circuits are used the same form, the difference is that the front main left and the center channel output power amplifier stage respectively of the two matched pairs fine 150W / prefix = st1 ns = "urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: smarttags" 15A of the ON Semiconductor (Motorola) MJW0281A/MJW0302A high-power tube, surround sound output level to a pair of MJW0281A/MJW0302A high-power tube. The power of the tube is designed for audio power amplifiers Semiconductor developed 150W/15A power tubes. According to the actual test confirmed the linearity of the gain is the highest level of similar tubes. From the test data provided by the manufacturer is also reason to believe that it's sound quality is very good. And this pair of pipe between the very good performance, consistency is very good! Easy to match a large number of screening and good linearity, high gain can make the output signal has a higher zoom ratio. Identified in conjunction with local moderators of this website's design engineers Tin Yat Yat days used by Toshiba 2SC5200/2SC1943, Toshiba 2SC5198/2SA1941, and the United States and other types of high-power tube Fairchild FJL4315/FJL4215 rigorous audition and comparison, agreed that the Semiconductor MJW0281A/MJW0203A is the best sound quality, sound fine, the sound quite a sense of the exact density: dense and grainy sound is very very small child, the sound sense of the weight is very high. Music in the air is full, wide frequency response, high-frequency extension also go very high, very rich in detail and hall sound. The amount of low frequency and intensity of feeling is also very good, there is a majestic momentum! Especially noteworthy is the performance of the human voice has become more mature, can be described as a degree of relaxation, and a more obvious magnet sexy, good speed and sound quite charming and beautiful! Bias point for the neutral tone slightly sweet warm, very extravagance. The most outstanding work in the larger context of current changes in performance is quite consistent, not like the Toshiba tube high current linear variation, there is no big Toshiba tube current in the CPI work in high-frequency sound thick but slightly warmer dark, the full sense of low volume but the intensity is slightly soft features. But in comparison, the most expensive high-power tube. However, the actual audition that its sound sunny, warm neutral tones, IF mellow, very powerful low frequency, the amount of the full sense of the music a more full-bodied taste, is fully capable of well qualified and AV HI-FI blend of state, to create out that HI-FI/AV amphibious fans are satisfied with the sound effects!
Semiconductor MJW0281A/MJW0203A is the best sound quality, sound fine, the sound quite a sense of the exact density: dense and grainy sound is very very small child, the sound sense of the weight is very high.
huge exposed aluminum radiator carries all the power tubes to ensure the normal operation of the cooling effect ......
This massive aluminum radiator processing beautifully exposed, high-end machine dedicated HI-FI a large heat sink, in a multi-channel AV amplifier is extremely rare, look at all the multi-channel audio amplifier industry, it was only the AD-9600SE Tin Yat only chosen this high-end exposed radiator, see AD-9600SE design charming, very HI-FI ......
For each channel there is a strong driving force, the aircraft power supply with eight well-known high-quality audio grade electrolytic MARCOM large reservoirs with a total capacity to 150,000 microfarads high (AD-9600 is 100,000 microfarads), and equipped with a 600W high quality annular fire cattle, energy is extremely abundant, and before and after class with a separate power supply, pre-regulated power supply for a strict and constant handling. To fully meet the home theater burst into colorful, air waves to force people to the world's best scenes!
the famous Japanese original audio tonic tonic ELNA capacitor
some try to use audio tonic input components, upgrades visible .....
upgraded audio channel manifold for the high-speed op-amp low noise MC33078, this would make the sound more smooth transient, send and receive freely, fuller details of the music, rich!
Different from the first generation of AD-9600 is, AD-9600SE in selected materials at cost: audio channel provided that will affect the sound quality of the electrolytic capacitors, are all replaced by the famous Japanese original audio tonic tonic ELNA capacitors; and upgraded audio channel manifold for the high-speed op-amp low noise MC33078, this would make the sound more smooth transient, send and receive freely, fuller details of the music, rich! 6-channel electronic volume control using volume control chip M62446. This chip has been a lot of international brands amplifier and digital mixer of choice, but also good mechanical volume potentiometer to avoid the use of the long duration may lead to wear noise. Audio switching is used in all imported gold contact relays, all machines are upgraded to more high-end resistance of the metal film resistors, the output level of good quality capacitors also upgraded the BBC polypropylene capacitors. Enter the hardware upgrade 24K gold-plated copper socket and wire inside the fever; main and center channel, surround channels used in all high-quality 24K gold-plated terminals, and remote control for frequent use, but also from the original plastic shell upgraded to the full amount of high-end aluminum case, feel very comfortable.
the AD-9600SE decoding circuit
AD-9600SE built inside the CS49326 and CS42516-performance professional Dolby decoder chip, with a variety of decoding results include: high-end Dolby AC-3 and DTS double decoding, and DTS CD, there are also special to play CD discs prepared 24bit/192KHz PCM decoder. Thus, whether as a complete home theater Dolby AC-3 and DTS double decoding or as a pure play music 24bit/192KHz PCM decoder has a very high quality and great degree of completion, sound effects are very prominent. On this basis, the aircraft prepared specifically for the user input and four-way coaxial optical digital input, fully meet the requirements of a variety of digital input signals. We are looking for sound quality with excellent home theater must have the basic quality.

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