Tone Winner AD86SE Class A transistor hifi integrated amplifier

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ToneWinner AD86SE Class A transistor hifi integrated amplifier
100% Brand New

(Input jack: CD, DVD, VTR, AUX, PHONO and MM, MC for LP)


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.



● power powerful, dynamic chic sharp. The natural balance of voices, sound sweet and charming
● classic zero-distortion high-speed Class A circuit design.
● Rd high-quality audio input (CD DVD VTR AUX PHONO), and the design of MM, MC phono zoom into Switch, high fever for playing LP's Friends
● High-quality ring giant cow, imported 60,000 high-quality high-capacity micro-electrolysis method, to ensure plenty of power margin
● 3 pairs per channel audio power Nissan fever supervisor, so matchless a huge thrust
● use the original U.S. music rich taste OPA2134 op-amp enthusiast Jiang Sheng
● special equipment to facilitate the op amp enthusiasts an addendum for the IC gold-plated sockets
● The level can be divided into before and after the U-shaped plug, allowing you to play the machine can be equipped with a variety of voices for the pre-HI-FI
● ensure that small volume such as the Pure Class A output at output, so that sound more mellow sounds

AD-86SE rave reviews in the past generation crew AD-86, AD-86N A integrated amplifier, based on the particular input port to increase the player and remote control functions, and its appearance process, internal process, the whole critical circuits and materials to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of integrated tuner tuned the design and manufacture of a merging of high-end hi-fi power amplifier.
The machine has a noble sound sweet, sunny tone, with plenty of power output headroom, dynamic, sharp, great sound field, the driving force is very good! Is an overall integration of excellent music taste rich and charming, people can enjoy listening to long bored fever masterpiece!
Aircraft quality phono amplifier for LP phonograph players to provide a good high-fidelity on-line match, players for the LP to bring additional value-added surprise; infrared remote control function better suit the lifestyle of modern fashion, making emphasis on the quality of life of many fashion people feel more relaxed when listening to music. The upgrade of the machine-specific functions (by the ordinary two-channel upgrade to HI-FI amplifier with high-quality decoding of two-channel amplifier HI-FI), to provide users with a variety of sources match (can be directly connected DVD player Optical access to high-fidelity sound quality CD-player) to facilitate the appreciation of the play machine.
Machine in order to obtain the lowest level before the signal loss, selected excellent reliability, a high degree of sealing quality without sound pollution as the source relay switch. To get the best dynamic range and zero bass volume control, the machine is especially selected high-quality imported sealed dust-proof motor potentiometer as a volume control; to ensure the machine's sound quality and higher signal to noise ratio, the aircraft based on repeated listen carefully selected the most suitable machine the original American sound quality op amp Jiang Sheng. All resistors are inside the colored ring of high quality metal film resistors. And in the original AD-86, AD-86N models based on the audio channel of the critical circuit has been improved to further enhance the power amplifier driving force and speed. So mellow and delicate high-frequency, high-frequency crystal transparent, extended class, church sound colorful, airy and very precise sense of space; giant high-quality cattle and a large ring of up to 60,000 microfarads of filter brands frequency electrolytic ensure full machine thick, rich full-bodied overall sound quality, richer layering, low-frequency impact and control have a higher level more sense!
To ensure that the machine has enough Pure Class A power output, eliminating the power tube distortion switch, manufacturers fully taken into account in the design of the radiator surface area of ​​more affluent and thermal efficiency, power management all use no more than 3% of the exact match error . The remaining design details: from the whole layout wiring, power supply before and after the class, separated by the whole anti-jamming electromagnetic shielding technology, squelch star point grounding techniques, are fully taken into account all possible factors that affect the sound quality , both HI-FI is the fever masterpiece. Even at the cost of output is also used on the four large copper 24K gold-plated spinning-type terminal, so that no leakage of signal transmission fiber, much less oxidation of trouble for years, even if the connection of high-grade fever thick speaker wire is also dedicated very convenient. Another machine sound overload, overcurrent, short circuit protection circuit is also readily available, so that users at ease.
Tin Yat classic metal sub-structure design also increases the isolation chamber used in the machine, not only improving the overall structural strength, resistance to sound due to a slight mechanical vibration and the ability to produce bad sound has also been greatly enhanced, and the effective shielding of the the functional circuit, put each other to minimize the impact, in order to obtain high signal to noise ratio and lay a solid foundation. Connect the power supply inside the thick and the colors used are clear and easy to maintain orderly maintenance of oxygen-free copper wire bundle, pay attention to the alignment process is extremely neat. Grounded partly in strict accordance with the law of the star point to earth after numerous tests, the thick oxygen-free copper cable 5N all interference noise, hum import to end, so that the machine down to barely heard of the thermal noise level , the whole anti-jamming capability, signal to noise ratio and other indicators have been improved and enhanced accordingly. In addition, remote control aircraft aluminum alloy processing fine, first-class feel, and AD-86SE glorified, greatly enhanced the grade AD-86SE.


Signal to Noise Ratio: (A-weighted) ≥ 100dB

Frequency response: 10Hz ~ 75KHz (+1 /-3dB)

Distortion: ≤ 0.03% (1KHz 1W)

Output power: ≧ 120W × 2 (8Ω)

Measured static power consumption: 190W

Output resistance impedance: 20KΩ

Input jack: CD, DVD, VTR, AUX, PHONO and MM, MC for LP

Matching impedance: 4 ~ 8Ω

Whole gain: 42dB

Size: 455(W) x 440(Deep) x 160(H) mm

Net weight: 21.5kg

Gross weight: 23kg

Power supply: 110/220V (110V, 120V, 127V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order), 220V version is in stock.

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