SoundArtist SC8B 8 inch Coaxial speaker HiFi Bookshelf Loudspeakers Pair

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SoundArtist SC8B 8 inch Coaxial speaker HiFi Bookshelf Loudspeakers with horn A Pair
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1, SoundArtist SC8B, using an 8-inch mid-woofer unit, the shape and curvature of the cone are specially selected and customized to properly match the horn treble.
2, The tapered basin of SoundArtist SC8B use the low-frequency paper diaphragm with damping glue, have very nice sound on human voice.
3, The use of flexible rubber suspension, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, long life, strong bass.
4, SoundArtist SC8B coaxial speaker uses a coaxial unit, which is actually a combination of a tweeter and a woofer. The treble is cleverly placed in the center of the bass diaphragm, so it can ensure that the acoustic center of the high and low frequencies are the same point, positioning accuracy.
5, Silk dome tweeter, the sound quality is clear, the sound quality is silky smooth, sweet and pleasant.
6, The golden aluminum horn is very sensitive, with low distortion, and the sound is very direct, with a good sense of presence, just like a player standing in front of you playing.

Product parameters:
Model: SC8B
Frequency response range: 30Hz-20KHZ
Sensitivity: 90db
Power: 110W
Impedance: 8 ohms
Dimensions(W*D*H): 28 * 32 * 41.5 cm *2pcs (about 11.0 *12.6 * 16.3 in *2pcs)
Packing size: 70*45*53CM (about 27 * 17 * 20in)
Gross weight: 28KG (A pair)
Express delivery Shipping weight calculate by Dimension: 70*45*53/5000=34kg
Shipping by Sea or Train weight calculate by Dimension: 70*45*53/6000=28kg






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