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Gustard DAC-R26 Network Stream Decoder Dual R2R+1BIT Mqa Full Decoder
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Product features:
· Discrete R2R+discrete 1Bit dual architecture, supporting native PCM decoding, native DSD decoding, and DSD to PCM decoding;
· The pcm nos mode can be turned on, all supersampling and filtering processing can be turned off, and only the original pcm data can be pushed to the R2R network. The volume function will also be completely bypassed, i.e. the volume is fixed.
· Optional direct dsd direct mode, which sends dsd to a separately constructed 1-bit trigger decoding circuit and converts it into an analog signal. Instead of sending the converted signal to the R2R decoding network for conversion. Because the DSD signal cannot be processed, the volume is fixed.
· Bridge function supports roon bridge, airplay, .upnp, etc. At the same time, this function can be continuously updated through a separate interface.
· Synchronized clock implantation technology. The principle is that the front-end clock is only used as a frequency reference, and the synchronous clock provided by K2 is implanted to replace the front-end terminal clock. The essence is that the clock from the front end is discarded, and the DAC only uses the local femtosecond clock or an external constant temperature clock. (When IIS AES coaxial optical fiber Bluetooth input, this function is turned off when PCM NOS and 1Bit are turned on, and the clock is synchronized terminal clock. USB and LAN input, valid all the time).
· CPLD programmable logic chip, digital integrated circuit that constructs its own logic functions, clock management, 2nd PLL digital Exclusive technologies such as shaping, DOP demodulation, and PCM/DSD depop switch lay a solid foundation for excellent sound quality;
· Use two high-quality audio dedicated toroidal transformers to supply digital and analog power respectively, achieving completely independent power supply without interfering with each other;
· The analog LPF circuit adopts self-developed discrete circuits and carefully adjusts the parameters of each level to achieve the best working condition;
· Support remote control for convenient long-distance adjustment;
· PCM three digital filters: fast, mid (recommended), slow;
· USB uses XMOS's XU216, supporting PCM768K; DSD512; MQA 44.1-384kHz;

Frequency response: 20-20kHz/±0.2dB OS mode
Dynamic range: >115dB
Signal-to-noise ratio: >122dB
Channel crosstalk:-134dB @1kHz
THD+N:<=0.003% @1kHz
IMD: ≈0.008% @0dbfs
RCA output level: 2.5Vrms (VOLUME FIXED)
RCA output impedance: 100Ω
XLR output level:5.0Vrms (VOLUME FIXED)
XLR output impedance: 100Ω
AC power supply: AC115V/230V 50/60Hz
Power consumption: <30W
Dimension: (W*H*D): 420*175*360 mm


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