Shuguang 274B hi-end rectifier vacuum tube replace 5U4G 5Z3PJ vavle for amp

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Shuguang 274B audiophile rectifier vacuum tube replace 5U4G 5Z3PJ vavle for amplifier (1 pc)
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The 274B produced by Shuguang is a high-performance rectifier tube. It adopts a special cathodic electrophoresis process. The surface is smooth and firm, and has sufficient emission current. It is exhausted for a long time by ultra-high vacuum exhauster. More than 100 times higher than 5U4G, and adopting the method of high pressure long refining to improve the stability of the whole tube. The anti-peak voltage of the tube can reach more than 850V, and its output DC current is 150MA. It does not cause sparking when working under high pressure. It is an ideal rectifier tube and can be used as the first choice for amplifier rectification.

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