PSVANE COSSOR 6SN7 Hi-end Vacuum Tube Valve Matched Pair For Amplifier New

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PSVANE COSSOR 6SN7 Vacuum Tube Electron Tube Carbon Crystal Generation II Technology For Hifi Tube AMP
100% Brand New

The price is for a pair of COSSOR 6SN7 vacuum tube.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.

In the 21st century audio vacuum tube market, PSVANE is highly recognized for its unique musical sense and rich musical expression. Even in the cost-effective product line, the voice of the nobility does not give up the pursuit of sound quality. This time, COSSOR authorized the voice of the nobility to create a new audio vacuum tube series that also precipitated the spirit of the nobility of the aristocratic spirit, COSSOR fascinating sound and PSVANE representative music expression on the new COSSOR vacuum tube has been integrated and passed down.

Compared with competing products at the same price, COSSOR vacuum tubes have more advanced technology and more valuable musical sense, while COSSOR vacuum tubes have a more affinity price than competing products of similar technology and manufacturing process.
"Give for music" is the core product concept of the voice of the nobility. With its blessing, the COSSOR vacuum tube also live up to expectations.

Carbon crystal II generation technology
Ten years ago, the Noble Voice R&D team applied carbon crystal technology to audio vacuum tubes. The carbon crystal II generation technology further enhances the heat conduction performance on the basis of the previous work. The large dynamic rock is rock-solid, the tone is warm and mellow, and the sound background is dark, which gives the COSSOR vacuum tube a sound quality close to the vinyl.

Resonant optimization design
Harmful resonance has always been a natural enemy of high-fidelity audio systems. The PSVANE R&D team optimizes the resonance performance from structural support, damping coefficient of different metal parts, welding position, glass material and volume, and tries to maintain every detail and mute performance. The COSSOR vacuum tube has a rich sound detail in the entire frequency band, and the huge sound field and live atmosphere that is heard when listening to the large-scale symphony type theme is unforgettable.

High current design
Current is the blood of the sound system. The COSSOR vacuum tube has been paid more attention to at the beginning of the design. With the improvement and optimization of the electrical properties of the main materials, in addition to retaining the beautiful sound, it also has the sound characteristics of fullness, transparency and texture without losing texture. In the price vacuum tube, it is even more impressive in terms of sound control.

Adhere to the aesthetics of British voice
Sticking to tradition does not mean keeping the old and conservative. Not only as an audio amplification component, the audio vacuum tube also carries aesthetic labels such as retro, classic and human. As one of the main founders of British Sound, COSSOR vacuum tubes are always required to be as consistent as possible in the UK's local production in terms of main materials, spray formulations and process flow. All efforts are made to restore the wonderful beauty of the last century. British sound traits.


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