RFTLYS DAC300 ES9018 decoder Lossless player 4.2 Bluetooth U disk USB Headphone

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RFTLYS DAC300 DAC ES9018 decoder Lossless player 4.2 Bluetooth U disk USB with Headphone output volume control
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Support Bluetooth 4.2 transmission Support SD card U disk playback Support mobile APP remote control Support computer USB input ES9018K2M decoding output
Support format: WAV MP3 FALC APE
1 supports Bluetooth 4.2 transmission,
In terms of transmission performance, the Bluetooth 4.2 standard has increased the data transmission speed by 2.5 times, mainly because the capacity of the Bluetooth intelligent data packet has increased by 10 times compared with the previous one, and the transmission error rate is reduced. It is convenient to link Apple, Android mobile phone, PC computer and other equipment
2 Support SD card U disk playback, and support mobile APP remote control, through APP remote control, you can use the mobile phone to read and control the song information on the SD card on this daughter card and play the operation, very convenient, so than to buy a professional The player is much more cost effective.
3 Support computer USB input, use USB data cable male to male (A port) docking computer's USB port, you can transfer the music on the computer to the board with various music players, as an external sound card
4 with powerful WS9018K2M decoder chip, ESS ES9018K2M decoder king, ultra-high real-time signal-to-noise ratio, very fine sound details, will not be overwhelmed by background noise; support RCA output, headphone output
5 All-aluminum alloy case, very beautiful and high-grade.
6: Use BB's OP2604 to make the preamplification details more transparent
Machine size: 180X135X50MM

Bluetooth use:
The use is very simple, press the MODE button to switch to the Bluetooth file, open the phone Bluetooth reception, you will find a new Bluetooth device, click on the pairing link, the audio is no longer output from the phone, directly from the daughter card output, If you encounter a new device, but the pairing is unsuccessful, press the exclamation mark on the right side of the device, select to ignore the device, and then automatically pair the system.

Precautions for use:
1 To increase the transmission distance, you can add a Bluetooth antenna externally (the antenna is also more than 5 meters without the antenna)
2 Do not set the volume control button too low, it will be insufficiently dynamic, and should not be set high to avoid saturation distortion and broken sound.
Can access SD card, U disk directly play automatically
The button uses the Japanese Omron button, the life is N times that of the ordinary button, the feel is super good! ! !
The SD card uses a high-quality self-elastic card holder, and the operation feeling is very good. The SD card is inserted in, and the MODE switch button is pressed to automatically play the song.

Note: SD card and USB flash drive and computer data cable are not included and need to be purchased separately.

Performance parameter
Decoding chip: ES9018K2M
Front chip: OP2604
Supported formats: FLAC/APE/WAV/WMA/ACC/MP3
Maximum support 16bit 48K
Support computer DAC sound card
Support amp function
Headphone impedance support: 32-300 ohms
Flash access: USB or SD memory card
Volume control: push button
Song control: button type, APP control
Net weight: 2kg
Appearance size: 18X13.5X5cm

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