RFTLYS CD5 audiophile CD player Bluetooth U disk fiber coaxial digital decoder

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RFTLYS CD5 audiophile CD player compatible Bluetooth U disk fiber coaxial digital decoder Built-in headphone amplifier
100% Brand New

RFTLYS CD-5 is a fever music player platform that combines high-fidelity CD playback, high-fidelity digital audio file playback, high-fidelity Bluetooth reception, and DAC decoding.


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.

The RFTLYS CD5 fever CD player is new, compatible with Bluetooth U disk, fiber-optic coaxial digital decoding, with RCA balanced 3-channel signal output, RCA signal output, a set of adjustable volume, a fixed output, and easy to listen to headphones. It is a rare fun in the same price on the market, the sound is transparent and the sound field is loose.
Support for large capacity U disk above 32G or larger capacity FAT format mobile hard disk. In addition to supporting MP3 and WMA audio formats, digital file playback supports WAV master audio files up to 24bit/192K. The disc and the USB flash drive support audio file playback at the same time.
It adopts the Bluetooth module of Microchip Company of the United States, supports the Bluetooth 4.2 audio standard, supports 24bit Bluetooth audio, and the sound quality approaches CD playback.
The DAC input is equipped with optical fiber and coaxial. It adopts PCM 5102, a decoding chip of BB company with 32bit/384K decoding precision. It is tuned by experts, and the sound of colleges and universities is natural, the positioning is accurate, and the density is so dense that the sound is noble and delicate. .
Built-in high quality headphone amplifier for 32-300 ohm headphones
The audio output has RCA, XLR balance, digital coaxial and volume controlled preamp output.
High quality toroidal transformer with non-radiative ultra-low noise linear regulated power supply
Use Teflon hard silicone shock absorber

Technical teaching:
Digital output signal amplitude: 0.5Vp-p
Rated power consumption: 20W
Audio output amplitude: 2.4V (0dB, Rms)
Signal to noise ratio: 120db
Harmonic distortion: 0.005%
Channel isolation: 100db
Net weight: 6.5kg
Dimensions: 436*305*95mm
Packing List:
Power cord*1
Bluetooth antenna*1
Remote control*1
Instruction manual*1

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