Raphaelite MAS300.2 tube preamp transformer output pre-amplifier with remote

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Raphaelite MAS300.2 HiFi amplifier tube preamp stereo preamplifier transformer output with remote control.
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This preamp is based on the first-class line of the classic Marantz 7 and uses the low-noise triode 12AX7 with fine tone and softness to make the first stage amplification. The second stage uses the sound neutral neutral 6SN7 and the screen-level transformer output. The most traditional and simple circuit structure. The direct coupling method of the transformer comes from the design of WE of the United States. The good sound box of WE is the simple and off-performance transformer. This transformer output can achieve low impedance and balanced transmission. Many people are trying to imitate the circuit of WE, but the core transformer is the bottleneck of this coupling method. We use the expensive imported German permalloy in this preamp, and open the core of the large core. The front-stage output transformer. It is drilled with 0CC5N single crystal. With low leakage inductance winding structure, the transformer's separation performance is guaranteed.
In order to get the highest possible signal-to-noise ratio, all signal inputs are switched by relays. The high-voltage power supply uses the military grade electronic flute 6C19 as the voltage regulator adjustment tube, and the high-precision op amp is used to stabilize the servo. The 12AX7 filament also uses the high-performance LT1083. The voltage regulator circuit is powered, and the aluminum structure is used on the chassis to reduce the vibration and use the permalloy to shield and isolate the external interference.
For ease of use, the machine has a built-in single board machine. The integrated aluminum remote control can remotely control the power supply and volume. The front stage has a fever power output socket, which can be synchronized with the front stage power supply to facilitate linkage with the rear stage.
This machine is also used in the use of other devices. The coupling capacitor is JENSEN's copper fan oil immersion. All the resistors use metal film military products. The balanced output terminals use the old Swiss NEUTRIK. The internal wires use the military oxygen-free copper wire. Control the use of warm color carbon film ALPS motor potentiometer.
The preamp of this paragraph draws on the sweet, meticulous and musically good sound of the Marantz 7 preamp. It changes the second-stage amplification of the Marantz 7 line and directly completes the impedance conversion with a high-quality transformer, which saves one. Level snubber circuit and get lower impedance output than the original line, in exchange for higher resolution and dynamics than the original line.

Model: MAS300.2
Tubes:6SN7*2 6C19*1 12AX7*1
Art. No_:Z-037
Input Sensitivity:200mV
distortion:<0.35% @6V OUT
S/N Ratio:85dB
Input Impedance:100KΩ
Output Impedance:600Ω @RCA
150Ω+150Ω @XLR
AC Input:AC 220V/230V
Power Supply Voltage: AC 100V - 240V / 50Hz-60Hz (100V, 110V, 120V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order), 220V version is in stock.
Power Consumption:45W
Frequency Response:5Hz-26KHz -0.5dB
5Hz-40KHz -ldB
Dimension:440*300*160 (W*D*H )
Net Weight: 11.5KG

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