Raphaelite Classic CS21 single ended integrated amplifier stereo tube amp 211

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Raphaelite Classic CS21 single ended integrated amplifier stereo audiophile valve amp 211 vacuum tube with protective cover.
100% Brand New

Please note that this product is only available in military green for choose. The power tubes can be customized as your request,211、845 or 805 power tube can be chosen! And it takes 10-15 days to produce. Cash on delivery is not accepted. Thanks for your understand and patient!


All items guaranteed 100% BRAND NEW in the original edition Box.

The classic CS21 is a 211 single-ended amplifier with a high-profile and compact structure, which is an export model of the company. The CS21 uses two permalloy pre-stage transformers for first-stage amplification. The input transformer has adjustable gain, low distortion and no feedback line. Two Chinese antique-grade Nanjing 6SN7 tubes are used for SRPP amplification. This circuit has high-impedance input. The low-impedance output is easy to match the next level, creating a wide sound field and transparent high-frequency performance; 2 Russian EH6V6 four-stage tube is connected to the triode structure for push amplification, this third-stage amplification and second-stage amplification use Denmark's best JENSEN copper foil oil-immersed capacitors for RC coupling; 2 high-performance permalloy push transformers connected to the push tube 6V6 for low-distortion 1.5 times boost amplification, the use of this transformer gives 211 a more powerful drive The ability is the highlight of this machine and the key to the performance of the whole machine. This traditional transformer coupling method is designed to use the extremely expensive alloy material with multiple layers of low leakage inductance winding structure, which not only meets the driving voltage requirements. Don't worry about the deterioration of the frequency response caused by the transformer; 2 ShuGuang's latest noble 211T is used as a power amplifier stage to get the maximum output efficiency power level. With a fixed bias method, the external voltage setting potentiometer is provided. The working current of the power tube is directly displayed on two large-scale current meter heads made in Taiwan. This is a user-friendly design, and the user can easily adjust the work of each 211. Current and monitor the running status of the pipe at any time. This screen ammeter can be switched to level display when there is no need to read the current value, and the two meters will swing correspondingly with the output level. The brand's 211 sound is balanced, high-frequency transparent and extravagant, the description of the details is very similar to 2A3, but the power is more than 3 times that of 2A3.
The power supply system of the CS21 has a strong lineup, using a 400W high voltage transformer, a 150W filament transformer, and 2 inductors. This huge power supply system outputs sufficient power for the amplifier circuit, and the power supply of the unit is completely in accordance with the 845 tube. Design, the user only needs to directly pull out 211, change the 845 tube, and use the humanized current adjustment device to adjust the current meter on the panel from 60MA of 211 to 80MA of 845 to feel the charm of the two tubes. (Replace the tube with the 211 current on the machine to a minimum of 0MA and install the 845 tube to recalibrate the current).
The output transformer is a large open structure vertical installation with a power of 40W. This is a special transformer specially designed for 845 and 211 high-voltage direct heat pipes. It has precise inductance, high difficulty layout of up to 9 layers, extremely low leakage inductance, and withstand voltage above 3000V. This is the CS21. The key to the sound of the core device. The circuit uses a 5-stage amplifier with high gain and high driving force. CS21 is designed for the amplifier, which can facilitate the direct connection between the CD and the radio head without the need of an external stage. Another unique user-friendly function of the machine, the front-stage input transformer is a 8-pin socket plug-and-pull structure. Users can select different gain input transformers to achieve different gains. You can also unplug the input transformer and connect the transformer socket with jumpers. 1 foot and 5 feet, this machine becomes a pure post-stage amplifier at this time, which can further improve the performance with our high-performance preamp. Pushing the use of the transformer greatly improves the performance of the whole machine. The 211 or 845 drive is solid, not weak and weak due to lack of eating, no big loop feedback design, transient will not compress, true natural output per A detail. The high-pressure application of the 211 tube 1000V allows the power of the latter stage to reach 13W when the distortion is less than 5%.
The sound of the machine: the sound frequency of the whole frequency band is balanced, the high frequency is fine and real, the sound field is huge, there is a certain power reserve, and the driving force is obviously better than 300B. It can be said that this is relatively uncritical to the speaker and highly adaptable to the music software. HIFI single-ended amplifier.
Equipment matching instructions: input impedance 600 ohms, three sets of signal input options, easy to connect CD, computer player and FM radio, this machine is suitable for bookshelf or floor-standing speakers with sensitivity greater than 86DB, for monitor speakers, horn speakers, full-range speakers Classical paper cone large-caliber speakers, British small-caliber bookshelf speakers have excellent performance. The output impedance of this unit is 4 ohms and 8 ohms. The 6 ohm speaker should be connected to the 8 ohm output terminal. The maximum output transformer secondary winding is used.

Model: CS21
Tubes: 12AT7×2 6V6×2 211×2
Art. No.: Z-032
Input Sensitivity: 300mV
Power Output: 2×13W (RMS THD<5% 1KHz 8Ω)
S/N Ratio: 75dB
Input Impedance:1KΩ
Output Impedance: 4Ω、8Ω
AC Input:AC 220V/230V
Power Supply Voltage: AC 100V - 240V / 50Hz-60Hz (100V, 110V, 120V, 230V, 240V version will take 3-14 work days to order), 220V version is in stock.
Power Consumption: 130W
Frequency Response: 11Hz – 20KHz -3dB
Dimension: 450×320×285(W-D-H)
Net Weight: 36KG

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