Raphaelite B10 Headphone impedance matcher Olive green Custom Edition

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Raphaelite B10 Headphone impedance matcher Olive green Custom Edition
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This price includes only one Headphone impedance matcher

1. The headphone impedance matcher B10 has input / output impedances of 16/32/50/60/120/150/300 / 600Ω, which can cover most of the headphone impedance, and supports four-core Canon and 6.35 output methods Make listening to headphones faster and more convenient.
2. Two input methods are also available at the input terminal of B10-four-core cannon and 6.35, of which four-core can be directly used with CR5842 or other four-core cannon interface equipment; if your preamp, amp Or other equipment is 6.35 jack, you can choose 6.35 input to use.

Name: B10 Headphone Impedance Matcher
Model: B10
Input impedance: 16/32/50/60/120/150/300 / 600Ω
Output impedance: 16/32/50/60/120/150/300 / 600Ω
Frequency response: Input 600Ω output 16Ω 5Hz-100 KHz 1dB
                  Input 600Ω Output 50Ω 5Hz-120KHz 1dB
                   Input 50Ω Output 600Ω 18Hz-20KHz 1dB
                   Input 120Ω Output 600Ω 8Hz-45KHz 1dB
Output power: 10W
Input plug: four-core kannon / 6.35 optional
Output plug: core card farmer +6.35
Volume: 105 * 260 * 115mm (L * D * H)
Net weight: 4.15Kg
Gross weight: 6.kg

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