Opera Consonance Reference CD2.3 MKIII HD- CD Player Hi-Fi 24Bit / 192kHz

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Opera Consonance Reference CD2.3 MKIII HD- CD Player Hi-Fi 24Bit / 192kHz
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RCD2.3MKIII HD is an advanced CD player with 24Bit / 192kHz audio playback and decoding capabilities, with balanced and RCA output methods.

RCA signal is obtained through the output stage of high-quality 6H30 electronic tube used by Soviet warplanes the balanced output signal is directly taken from the decoding chip, which is more original and fidelity. To meet the new high-format music media players and people's high requirements for music playback on the computer, a digital input interface was added, which was split into two to become a comprehensive device of CD player and independent decoder. In addition to playing CDs, users can also access other digital systems with coaxial or optical output (such as set-top boxes, computers, Blu-ray and high-definition machines, etc.), especially when used in conjunction with D-linear7C, to provide master-grade high-definition audio solution.

technical parameter
Output level: 2.3V RMS
Output terminal: RCA and XLR
Frequency response: <+/- 0.1 dB, 20Hz-20kHz
Signal to noise ratio:> 120dB (XLR balanced output port)
Signal to noise ratio:> 105dB (RCA tube output port)
Distortion: <0.002% (XLR balanced output port)
Distortion: <0.02% (RCA tube output port)
Channel separation:> 100dB
Tube: SOVTEK 6H30 x 1
Volume: 11cm x 43cm x 33cm (HxWxD)
Weight: 16kg (wooden cover) / 18kg (aluminum cover)

Color choice: walnut, cherry, black aluminum

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