G&W TW-01D Hi-end Power purifier/filter power socket HiFi audio dedicated New

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G&W TW-01D Hi-end Power purifier/filter power socket HiFi audio dedicated with 8 outlets
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Jinqiu Qingyi G&W has launched a new TW-01D advanced audio dedicated power purifier. Since 1997, Qingyilun G&W has launched the power purifier in China. It has launched more than 10 power purifiers, which have occupied most of the domestic market with excellent quality and reasonable price, and won the praise of the majority of enthusiasts. Currently, G&W power purifiers have been exported to many countries around the world.
As we all know, the achievements of Qingyilun Audio in the field of purifiers have been outstanding for a long time. From the original TW-02D to the TW-06D mid-to-high-end power purifier, and the TW-08D copper shell advanced power purifier that attracted great attention in the industry not long ago, the new product of Qingyilun Audio Company can always be born. Inject new vitality into the audio market and continue to lead the development trend of the audio power industry.
In recent years, Qingyilun Audio has also contributed to the motherland. Qingyilun’s amplifier-amplified circuit technology with unique power supply filter has made a major breakthrough and has been applied to aerospace. After painstaking research and development, the fully upgraded TW-01D advanced audio special purifier adopts imported air switch with Qingyilun guardrail, and the output short circuit can be automatically tripped; -Using China's "3C" certified universal socket and imported American standard Socket; with a blue LCD display with backlight, it makes people feel that they have a modern fever concept. Let us share the success and joy of the “Essential Design, Model Work” of the Qingyilun brand.
TW-01D advanced power purifier, which integrates various technologies, uses inductive common mode filtering to reduce the noise floor of audio equipment, reduce power consumption, improve sound clarity, and vocal and musical instruments when large dynamic bursts No paste, the sound field is further stretched to the back of the speaker (the depth of the stage), the high-pitched forward effect when the volume is improved, the violin and the Xuan music are silky smooth, the lightning protection is provided, and the filtering effect is greatly improved. To make the sound sound good, the quality of Hi-Fi sound quality and AV home theater images has been significantly improved since the emphasis on power purification. At the same time, the power purifier has been widely applied to home computers and notebooks, in addition to playing computer music. It is used to improve the reliability of the CPU work and the resolution of the display image. The TW-01D advanced power purifier adopts the cold-rolled steel plate to process the outer shell of the sea-blue plastic powder, and the fine-brushed pure aluminum front panel with the backlit blue liquid crystal display head meets the modern people's quality of life and caters to the pace of the times.

Rated input: 220V50HZ (maximum voltage -400V50HZ)
Working current: AC15A (When the current exceeds 16A, the air will automatically open)
Filtering conditions: must be connected to a power outlet containing ground, zero line, and live wires
Filter range: filter out high frequency grid noise and interference on 1KHz, anti shock protection
Filtering effect: greatly improve the playback effect, making the level of the instrument clearer. The sound field is expanded and extended. Further enhance the sharpness and saturation of the image
Adaptation range: Hi-Fi playback system, AV image system

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