YAQIN CD-2 Upgrade Tube Buffer Processor For CD/VCD/DVD

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YAQIN CD-2 Upgrade Tube Buffer Processor For CD VCD DVD
100% Brand New


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This one could be connected with your digital sound source like computer, DVD, solid CD Player etc. to improve the sound.
100% three dimensional hand wiring. No circuit board;
Utilizes the audiophile capacitors and high quality metal precision resistors dedicated for audio frequency;
This processor employs cathode followers to improve your audio system. It outputs the same voltage as it receives. The voltage gain approches 1. It also adds tube audio quality to digital audio, reduces work load of a receiver (or an amplifier), and makes speakers sound warmer and more finer.
This processor can be connected in various configurations. It is to be installed between an audio source and a receiver (or an amplifer). The audio sources can be a solid state CD/DVD player, MP3 player, iPod, electric guitar, or computer audio output.

The 6J1 tubes can be replaced with EF95, 6AK5, 5654,5725,9003 and CV4010, Make a Offer, I am sure you may love the gift free.


Performance Index
Input Sensitivity: 0.55V(=0.5V )
Frequency Response: 5Hz~500KHz(-1 dB)
SNR: ≥78dB(A weight)
Distortion of Harmonic Wave: ≤0.15℅(1KHz)
SNR: ≤60dB(A)
Electron Tube: 6J1×2 and additional a GIFT FREE 6J1*2 made in China
Input Power Voltage: AC110V(±10%)/220V(±10%) 60Hz/50Hz (110V version and 60Hz version will take 3-14
work days to order) one 220v, one 230v and one 110v version is in stock. so you don't need to wait.
Dimensions: 255mm x190mm x 225mm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Packing Include: Full Set Tubes, An operating instructions and Standard 1.5m Power Cord and the CD2

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